3 Ways To Fix Mediacom Error 7

mediacom error 7
mediacom error 7

Mediacom Communications Corporation or also simply known just as Mediacom is a famous company in the US. They are known for providing users with cable television as well as for being one of the biggest cable operators.

The company sells a number of different devices that you can purchase. There is a huge lineup for them and all of their features depend on the model that you choose to select. Most of these features are designed so that the users can enjoy these services comfortably.

One of the best ones among these is their DVR feature. This allows users to record shows which can be watched later on whenever they want. These can also be forwarded or paused in between. Recently some Mediacom users have reported that they have been receiving ‘error 7’ on their devices. If you get this as well then here are some steps that you should follow to get rid of it.

Fix Mediacom Error 7

  1. Reboot Device

The error message indicates that your DVR feature is not working. This can be quite annoying but you should note that the cable modems made by Mediacom record user data. These are then used to improve the stability of your device by loading data according to your habits. Although, in some cases this data can get piled up on your device and start to slow It down instead.

This can also cause a lot of problems on your cable boxes. The best way to delete all of these temporary files is by restarting your cable box. Start by flipping your device and locating the power button on it.

Now press it to switch off your device and now remove the power cable as well. Wait for a few minutes before powering up your device again. Now when your device boots back up, you should be able to use your DVR without any problem.

  1. Restore Device

One method to fix this error message is by restoring your system to a prior state. This can be done by opening up your computer and logging in through the administrator account. Afterward, open up the search menu on your device and search for ‘system restore’.

Open up the results and click on the backup file there. You can choose a number of restore points from here. Finally, select an option and click on confirm to begin the procedure. This should revert your device to a prior state that did not have any problems. People who have problems with this can download a repair utility for this error from the internet.

  1. Faulty Device

While this is really unlikely to happen, sometimes the user’s box might become faulty. In this case, it is best recommended that you take your device to a store recognized by Mediacom. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support service.

They should be able to identify if your device is faulty or not. If it is under warranty then the company will even provide you with a replacement or fix it by sending in a person from their team.

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