6 Ways To Fix Linksys RE6400 Not Working

linksys re6400 not working
linksys re6400 not working

For people who are using one internet connection and router for big spaces, the weak internet, and missing signals are inevitable. On the contrary, people can use the Wi-Fi extenders as they increase the coverage area of your internet and wireless connection. Similarly, there is Linksys RE6400 not working issue persistent with the Linksys users. However, this issue can be fixed by following the easy fixes outlined in this article!

How To Fix Linksys RE6400 Not Working?

1. Username & Password

First of all, the users need to ensure that they are using the same name and password (of the Wi-Fi) as that of the existing router. In addition, the name and password should be the same as the access point. This is because the extender will not work if you aren’t using the correct information (believe us, the password is extremely sensitive manner).

2. Proximity

If you already have the correct username and password added to the router and range extender, you need to ponder about the proximity. This is because you need to place this RE6400 extender closer to the router. On the contrary, if you have already installed and set up the Wi-Fi extender, you will need to unplug the extender and place it closer to the router. All in all, closer proximity is crucial.

3. Obstructions

For people who have moved the extender closer to the router, but it still doesn’t work, there are chances of obstructions. For instance, if there are microwaves, gaming consoles, TVs, or such electronic devices around, the functionality will be adversely impacted. This is because the signals and frequencies of other electronic devices can disrupt the connectivity.

So, it’s best that you reduce the obstructions from the extender. In addition to the electronic devices, make sure there are glass, mirrors, or masonry walls around because they can block the signals. Also, the extender away from the metal objects as much as possible.

4. WPS Configuration

While using the Linksys RE6400, we are pretty sure that you would be using the WPS configuration because it optimizes the security standards. So, if you are using WPS as well while connecting, it’s suggested that you reboot the router and wait for the indicator to stop blinking. Once the WPS indicator stops blinking, you can try connecting it again.

5. Power Cycle

Truth be told, you don’t always have to use the complex troubleshooting methods because a simple power cycle might help. With this being, you should try power cycling the extender. For this reason, remove the power cable and wait for around five minutes before plugging in the power cable again. After inserting the cable, wait for ten to twenty minutes to ensure the extender establishes a proper connection.

6. Ping

Well, the power cycle should resolve the issue, but if it doesn’t, you need to ping the IP address. For instance, you can look for the IP address of the extender and ping it. Once you ping the Linksys RE6400, it will start working optimally. If you don’t know how to find the IP address of the extender, you can find it through the DHCP table of the router as it’s usually available there.

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