4 Fixes For Laptop Connects To Hotspot But No Internet

laptop connects to hotspot but no internet
laptop connects to hotspot but no internet

It is common practice for people to use Wi-Fi connections, but some people also use the hotspot to ensure proper internet connectivity, particularly when they don’t have access to the Wi-Fi network. So, if you didn’t have Wi-Fi or it was too slow, there are chances that you opted for a hotspot. However, some people still complain about laptops connecting to hotspots but with no internet problem. Now, shall we check out the solutions?

Laptop Connects To Hotspot But No Internet

1. Recheck The Mobile Data

If your laptop isn’t able to connect to the mobile data hotspot, you need to check if the mobile data is working on the smartphone in the first place. This is because if the smartphone is not able to access the internet, the laptop won’t have internet access either. For testing the connectivity, open the internet browser on the smartphone and search for anything. If the page loads up, there is active internet access. On the other hand, if the page doesn’t load, there is something wrong with the mobile data connection, and the only solution is to connect with the network carrier.

2. Forget & Rejoin

If there is no problem with the mobile data, it is suggested that you disconnect the mobile hotspot from the laptop and reconnect it. This is because it can help refresh the internet signals by eliminating minor issues. For this purpose, you can follow the instructions outlined below;

  • Open the Wi-Fi tab on your laptop and find the hotspot connection
  • When you locate the hotspot, right-click on the name and choose the “forget” option
  • When the hotspot is deleted, you have to tap on it again and enter the login credentials to reconnect

However, we also suggest that you reboot the laptop when the hotspot is forgotten to make sure the software configurations are optimized (these software issues can limit the connectivity).

3. Static IP

Another solution to streamline the hotspot connection and internet is to assign static IP to the laptop. It is the smartphone’s job to assign the IP address, but if it’s unable to do so, you can do it manually. The manual instructions include;

  • Open the control on the laptop and open the network and internet tab. Then, tap on the “change adapter settings”
  • Right-click on the Wi-Fi router and choose the properties option
  • Choose version four of the internet protocol and click on the properties again
  • Turn on the “use the IP address” and enter the IP address, particularly
  • Once done, click on the OK button, and the static IP will be assigned
  • Try using the internet now, and we are sure it will start working

4. Wi-Fi Drivers

If the internet is still not working, there are chances that the laptop still doesn’t have the updated Wi-Fi drivers. These drivers are essential for communicating the data to hardware components. So, when the Wi-Fi drivers are too outdated, updating them will help improve the internet connectivity. To update the Wi-Fi drivers, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the device manager on the laptop and choose the network adapter
  • Right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter and choose the update driver option
  • It will start the automatic search, and the drivers will be updated

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