4 Ways To Fix Killer Network Manager Slow Internet

killer network manager slow internet
killer network manager slow internet

To understand what killer network manager is and how it can cause you to have a slow internet issue that you might need to fix, you will need to understand what it is and how it works. Qualcomm is a famous processor manufacturer that makes processors for a wide range of platforms including mobile devices, graphic cards, and PCs.

Their processors are impeccable in terms of speed and a step ahead than other technologies in many aspects. Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network Manager is a great software that helps you manage the high-performance killer technology by Qualcomm and take over all network processing.

It manages your bandwidth-based applications so you can use them according to your preferred settings. Killer Network Manager allows you to configure your Killer Gaming Network card that would allow you to have full control over your connection to maximize online gaming performance.

It entails you with tons of features including viewing all the network activity on your PC, Monitors the traffic on your wireless or wired connection, and view all the applications that are running on your computer so you can monitor the bandwidth usage. It allows you to control your bandwidth and allocate the speed to those applications where you need it most.

Fix Killer Network Manager Slow Internet

Since the application is to ensure that you have the best possible network optimization, and PC performance. There are chances that messed up settings can cause you to have slower internet that you will not want in any case.

If you have checked all the other aspects like Internet speed on some other device, all the modem settings and have confirmed with the ISP that there are no issues at their end. You can follow the steps below to fix any issues with Killer Network Manager.

1) Update the version of Network Killer Manager

The most common reason that multiple people face that are having slow internet with Killer Network managers is that their software version is either obsolete or not compatible with their hardware. Please consult the website of Qualcomm Atheros Network Killer Manager and download the software that is compatible with your hardware specification and killer network card.

Also, keep the auto-updates on or update your software from time to time to ensure that you have the latest version of Network Killer Manager that you can use on your PC to have the best possible Internet Speed.

2) Update your Drivers

Since Network Killer Manager is a software that is used to optimize your network speeds and connections, you need to ensure that you have a network driver that is compatible with your killer network card and your windows both. Updating the driver will ensure that you have the right components in order to use the Killer Network Manager at its best and not have any issues with slow internet while using the platform.

3) Re-install the software

There are slight chances that the Killer Network Manager might have one or more corrupted files that might be messing up your internet connection and causing it to have slower speed over the internet. You can simply uninstall the software, reboot your PC, and install the software again. Don’t forget to reboot the PC again after the re-installation process for the changes to take place and you can enjoy having super-fast speed like before.

4) Check Settings on Killer Network Manager

Killer Network Manager gives you extensive control over your network and you can control bandwidth for all the applications. This might mess up some settings on your PC, as you can change some settings unknowingly.

You will need to go through all the settings on Network Killer Manager and make sure that you know what are you doing. You can also try resetting all the settings to default to ensure that you don’t have any settings messed up by mistake.

Killer Network Manager is advanced software that is not recommended to be used by beginners. Please ensure that you have done your thorough research about the hardware components and software itself before installing and using it as it will allow you complete control over your PC performance including network resources that might mess up the settings for you and cause you to have performance issues on your PC or slow internet speed.

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