Does Guest Network Slow Down Your Internet? (3 Ways To Fix)

does guest network slow internet
does guest network slow internet

Do you know about the guest’s internet? We have answers to all your questions related to the guest network written in this article. Whether you’re running a Wi-Fi bus or providing free Wi-Fi services to all your customers, giving internet access to tour co-workers, or want a walled garden internet connection for your kids, one predicament that always threatens your internet experience is a slow WiFi connection. But what’s the big deal about the guest network? Does the guest network slow the internet? Well, the simplest quick answer will be YES but read on to know more about how does it affect your internet speeds.

Does Guest Network Slow Down Your Internet?

Does the guest network slow the internet? It is possible that the speed issues that you’re facing with your internet connection might be caused by your guest network but it is not always true. The slow internet speeds you’re facing during uploading a file online or downloading content from the internet could entirely be due to your old damaged routing devices or due to various performance issues from your ISP.

For what it’s worth, the guest network does affect your internet connection in some ways and causes it to slow down than normal speeds. But first, you should make sure who is causing the trouble. To figure this out, what you can do is disconnect your guest network from your main internet connection and check if the internet speed gets by taking a speed test. If you feel like your internet connection speeds up without guest network, then you know for sure who was the culprit.

What You Can Do To Improve Internet Speeds?

When you know that it’s your guest network that’s causing your internet to slow down but you cannot opt against it, there’s something you can still do. Here’s how you can help make your guest network connection better and improve your main internet connection’s speeds.

1) Increase Internet Bandwidth

Internet Bandwidth is kind of a rate at which your internet connection allows you to perform a certain limit of online activities per unit time. If your internet bandwidth is low, it will permit you to perform a lesser number of actions per unit time but if the bandwidth is high, you can perform more activities at the same time.

So it is obvious that a greater or high internet bandwidth will be more beneficial for a guest network. The greater will be the bandwidth, lesser will be your chances of facing any speed issues with your internet connection.

2) Control Amount Of Bandwidth

You can also control the amount of internet bandwidth that your guest network receives. This means you’re not forced to share your full internet connection with your customers but instead you can alott them a certain amount of internet bandwidth and save yourself some as you’d like.

Usually, for guest networks, the internet bandwidth being 2Mb/s up and 2Mb/s down is considered to be ideal. This amount works well for all your customers to use their favorite applications, browse any important webpages, or stream their favorite songs. Also, it is capable of offering a reasonable speed of signal transmission and your internet connection doesn’t have to suffer extremely low internet speeds.

3) Limiting The Guest Network

Whether you’re trying to improve your internet speeds or thinking about internet safety, limiting the guest network is always a good option. You don’t know what you’re customers are doing while using your internet. Whatever they do, it will all be through your IP address and you’ll be held accountable for their wrongdoings one way or another.

Some sites take up more internet speeds and data than others. What if someone is streaming a movie or downloading huge data files from a site that consumes all your internet and there’s nothing left for other people? herefore, setting some specific limits on your guest network is recommended. It will restrict your customers to use only the limited services that should be known to you and you’ll also have a better working internet connection.


Does the Guest network slow the internet? Yes, it does but you can easily prevent it by taking the above-written safety precautions. Moreover, you can also put password protection so that only the people you allow would be able to access the internet.

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