Is A Wired Network Adapter Necessary?

is a wired network adapter necessary
is a wired network adapter necessary

Internet connections have become a necessity. Truth be told, people opt for wireless internet connections for convenience but wired connections are famous for uninterrupted internet connections. However, people opting for wired connections often ask, “is a wired network adapter necessary?” If you want the answers, read the article below!

Is A Wired Network Adapter Necessary?

To begin with, the wired network adapters are known as ethernet adapters. It is basically a hardware device that can carry the ethernet cable. The ethernet cable is needed for connecting the computer to LAN (yes, the local area network). Generally, the wired network adapter is connected as an external adapter or it can be integrated into the computer.

The majority of the computers are designed with a wired network adapter already built into them. If you want to check if your computer has a preinstalled wired network adapter or not, you need to check for the RJ-45 port. This port looks like the telephone jack but is much larger in size. So, if your computer has this big jack, it has the wired network adapter already and you can simply connect the ethernet cable.

On the other hand, if you cannot find this jack, it simply means that you have to opt for an external network adapter. In addition, you have to consider the motherboard because it usually has the slot for adding the wired connection. For this purpose, you can opt for a wired network adapter or dongle (they are pretty similar).

It might be additional information but you can also get the Wi-Fi card with PCI-E configuration if you want a wireless connection. Coming back to point, if you want to buy the wired network adapter, there are various types to choose from, such as;

Ethernet Transceiver

This hardware device is also known as MAU (the media access unit). It can receive and transmit the information which allows the devices and computer to connect over the network. It can even identify the collisions and process the ethernet interface. As a result, you will be allowed network access. It can be connected to various devices and workstations.

 Transceiver Module

This is basically a device with integrated technology which acts as receiver and sender of internet signals. The best thing about the transceiver module is that it acts as an external network component and as an accessory.

PCI Adapters

If you want a wired network adapter that can be connected directly to the motherboard, you can opt for a PCI adapter. This is because these adapters are designed in wireless as well as wired form. To illustrate, it acts as a built-in network interface card that is generally integrated into the computer.

Chromecast Ethernet Adapters

This is another type of wired network adapter. This is the device that allows the users to use Google Chromecast on the wired network. The Chromecast ethernet adapter is perfect for people who are struggling with weak signals. In addition, it’s suitable when you want to optimize a high-speed wired internet connection.

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