Bridge Mode In C1000Z Modem

c1000z bridge mode
c1000z bridge mode

The modems are an important part of every internet connection because that’s how every device receives wireless signals. For this reason, people invest in the best modems and C1000Z is one of them. The best thing about this modem is the C1000Z bridge mode. If you don’t have an idea about this feature, we are sharing the information with you!

Bridge Mode In C1000Z Modem

For the most part, the bridge mode in this modem is used if users want to connect the device through xDSL to the internet service provider. In addition, it’s for people who want to deliver the ethernet connection one port one. With bridge mode, there is no need for firewall and routing tasks done by the device. When the bridge is used by the modem, the DHCP and WLAN features are disabled.

Similarly, the LAN tasks tend to be taken away by the internet gateway. That being said, if you want to enable the bridged modem with a C1000Z modem, we are sharing the instructions with you!

  • The first step is to open the internet browser and open the VMG device (you have to open the web GUI and can be accessed through
  • Now, log into the modem by entering the username and password (the username is “admin” while the password is 1234)
  • When you are logged in, you have to open the network settings and scroll down to the broadband menu
  • Now, edit the connection that you want to change to the bridge mode
  • The next step is to choose bridge as the modem and you might have to add the VLAN ID
  • Once you have added the VLAN ID, open the security tab and tap on the firewall
  • From the firewall settings, disable the IPv6 and IPv4 firewall
  • Once the settings are complete, you have to reboot the modem and it will start working in the bridge mode

For the most part, you will be able to access the VMG through management IP. So, if you want to change into bridge mode, we are certain that the steps will help.

Benefits Of Bridge Mode

In some cases, people wonder why they should enable the bridge mode. If you are wondering the same, we are sharing the details with you. To begin with, the bridge mode help connects two internet routers without compromising on performance. It is defined as the configuration setting that switches off the NAT feature on your internet modem.

Similarly, it will allow the router to act as DHCP server without resulting in IP issues. With this ability to connect to different router, users will be able to enhance the wireless coverage. The bridge mode is a suitable feature for people who want to connect two NAT devices in services because it fixes the conflicts.

In case you want to put your C1000Z modem in the bridge mode, you have to ensure that it’s done before you connect the modem to P2P, VPN, and remote management apps. We hope that this article covered every question that you had about bridge mode!

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