How to Use the iPod Touch to Access the Internet

The iPod Touch is one of Apple’s latest additions to its collection of mobile devices which are designed to accommodate high speed wireless Internet connectivity.  If you have an iPod Touch or you are thinking about getting this device, it provides you with a convenient way to access the nearest available WiFi networks while you are on the go in addition to all of the cool iPod apps that work with Internet connectivity.

Once you are connected to the Internet with your iPod Touch you have access to an endless array of apps and capabilities that allow you to enjoy and share media and browse the Internet.  If you are not tech savvy but you are interested in getting an iPod Touch, the good news is most of the functions are not rocket science and are actually pretty easy to use including establishing a connection to the Internet.

iPod Touch and Internet Connectivity

The following information will provide you with a general overview of how to establish a connection to the Internet using your iPod Touch.

To get started, you must activate your iPod Touch by pushing the Home button located at the center bottom of your device.  Once the device is activated you simply slide your finger across the screen to unlock the device and gain access to the main page.

On the main page, you must use the Settings icon to begin to establish connectivity to the Internet.  Simply touch the Settings icon to gain access to the main Settings page where you will see a variety of different options for adjusting different functions on the iPod Touch.

To access the Internet settings you must choose the WiFi option to access the main WiFi page.  Tap the button to the right of the WiFi option to turn on the WiFi connection.  This will provide you with access to a variety of nearest available networks.  To connect to the Internet simply choose the network you want to use and touch the bar that indicates your chosen network. The wireless icon that is displayed next to the network you chose will indicate how strong the signal is for your connection.

If the network you want to use displays a Lock icon this means that it is a secured network that requires a password in order to logon.  The bar on the WiFi network menu that indicates Other provides you with a way to choose your own network.  In this case when you tap the Other bar you will be prompted to enter the name and password of the network that you want to access.  If you do not know the network you want to access you can simply hit Cancel to go back to the WiFi page where you can choose another available network.

On the WiFi page simply hit Settings to return to the main Settings page for your iPod Touch.  To go back to where you started simply tap the Home button to return to Start and then tap the Safari icon to gain access to the Internet.

Troubleshooting iPod Touch Internet

When you are trying to access the Internet using an iPod Touch you may experience different issues when establishing connectivity.  Remember an iPod Touch is technology and sometimes devices have their quirks and unexplained occurrences.

If you are having trouble locating the nearest WiFi network or you are experiencing a weak signal which prevents you from accessing the nearest available network, here are a few basic tips that will help you to troubleshoot Internet connectivity issues with your iPod Touch.

  • Home Network Troubleshooting: First, if you are accessing the Internet on your home network the best place to start is by checking the connectivity configuration for your router and home network settings.  It may be possible that the software for your WiFi router has become outdated. In this case it is necessary for you to visit the website of your router manufacturer to obtain the latest updates.

If everything checks out with the software updates and you are deploying encryption or other security applications, you should try disabling these programs.  This includes testing the use of multiple WEP encryption keys instead of the new encryption protocols such as WPA2. This process will provide you with a basis for testing in case your security applications are blocking Internet access to your iPod Touch.

In terms of router settings it is important to note that Mac devices do not work reliably when the 40MHz feature in your router is enabled.  This feature is typically located under the 2.4GHz settings in the software interface. When you disable this feature it reduces the chances of signal interference which can cause issues with Internet connectivity.

  • Public WiFi Troubleshooting:  If you are trying to access the nearest available WiFi network in public and are experiencing difficulty you can try the basic troubleshooting steps that Apple recommends for the iPod Touch.  On the main page access the Settings by touching the Settings icon and then choosing WiFi from the menu of options.  Once you are able to view the WiFi page simply turn off the WiFi application, wait a couple of seconds, and then turn on the connection again.  Try to access the Internet by clicking the Safari icon.

If you are still experiencing problems, return to the WiFi page and check the strength of the signal for the network you are connected to.  If the signal is weak you may experience intermittent connectivity or no connection at all.  See if there is another available WiFi network within range and try connecting to the network.

If you still have trouble with the connection and happen to have another available mobile device, try connecting to the network with a different device.  If the connection is successful the issue may be present in your iPod Touch.  In this case, you may need to completely restart your iPod Touch device by pressing down the Power button and then holding it until you are prompted to Slide to Power Off.  Once your device is shut down simply start it up again and try connecting to the Internet.

In the event you experience intermittent service after connecting to a network this can be due to a weak signal.  When the WiFi signal is weak chances are you are located too far away from the WiFi router.  Try locating the router and then access the Internet by moving closer to the position of the router.  Make sure there are no interferences with the WiFi signal such as metal objects, other wireless devices, and any other objects that may pose an obstacle to establishing a strong connection to the Internet.  Additionally, you can try terminating the connection to the network you are using and then re-establishing the connection on your WiFi settings page.

Hopefully this information will provide you with the basics you need to know to start accessing the Internet using your iPod Touch.  Once you are connected the possibilities for accessing applications and media are endless and you will likely wonder how you survived without mobile connectivity to the Internet.

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