How to Connect Wii to the Internet

A Wii device can open up a lot of options for your home entertainment center since it can provide you with access to game downloads, a wider array of shows and movies through Netflix and other video streaming services, and many different sharing options for interacting with your friends and family.  Because a Wii device can connect to the Internet it provides you with many more options and experiences for home entertainment.

Guide to Connecting Wii to the Internet

In order to connect a Wii device to the Internet it is necessary to have a high speed broadband Internet connection.  Slower Internet connections such as dial-up and others will not provide you with the speed you need to use gaming applications that rely on broadband to function properly.  High speed Internet is typically delivered by a DSL connection via your cable TV provider or through a satellite service such as Dish Network or HughesNet.  The connection can be wired or wireless as long as it is high speed Internet.

There are basically two different methods you can use to connect your Wii to the Internet which include wired and wireless.  Since wireless is the most common way we will begin with this type of connection.

Connecting a Wii via Wireless Internet

  • Wireless Router:  To establish a wireless Internet connection for your Wii you will need a wireless router in addition to your network name and password.
  • Turn on Your TV and Wii Device:  Once you turn on your TV and the Wii device you should access the main menu on your TV and choose the Wii icon which should be located on the bottom of the screen.  This will access the screen that contains all of the settings for your Wii device.
  • Accessing the Settings:  You will be presented with two different types of settings.  Click on the arrow on the right hand side to go to Settings 2 and then choose the Internet button.  When the new window appears choose Connection Settings and then click on Connection 1.  Click on Wireless Connection and then choose Search for an Access Point. At this point the program will begin to search for the nearest access point.  When it displays Choose the access point you want to connect to click on OK.   Click on the Private One button and enter your password when prompted.  The program will ask you if you want to save the settings and then click on OK to start a connection test.

When the connection test is complete the program will state that it was successful and then ask you if you wish to do a Wii system update.  Click Yes and then I Accept to approve the upgrade.  When you receive a message that the upgrade is complete just click on OK.  You should receive a message that your Wii device is connected to the Internet.

Connecting a Wii via Wired Internet

  • Wii LAN Adapter:  To establish an Internet connection to your Wii device using wired Internet you will need a Wii LAN (Local Area Network) Adapter.  This can be obtained from the manufacturer of your Wii or from an electronics store.  A Wii LAN Adapter is necessary for connecting your Wii to your home router if you have a wired Internet connection.  The Wii LAN Adapter is plugged into to the USB port located in the rear of the Wii device.  Once you have connected the Wii LAN Adapter you must plug the blue Ethernet cable into the adapter to begin establishing a connection to the Internet.
  • Turn on Your TV and Wii Device:  Turn on your TV and Wii device to access the main menu.  Click on the Wii icon at the bottom of the screen on the main menu to access the Wii configuration.  In the next window choose Wii Settings and then click on the arrow on the right hand side of the screen in the new window.  Click on the Internet button and then choose Connection Settings.  Click on Connection 1 to create a new connection and then choose the Wired Connection button to begin the connection test.  Click OK to test the new connection.

The program will continue to test the connection and then ask you if you want to perform a Wii system update.  Click on Yes to initiate the software update and then choose I Accept to approve the update process.  You should receive a message that the update was successful and that your Wii is connected to the Internet.

If you experience any problems during the setup process the troubleshooting steps you should take will depend upon the type of configuration you have.  For example, if you are connecting to a wireless router you must refer to the manual for the specific brand of router you have.  If a problem exists with the Wii device it is necessary to seek support from the manufacturer such as Nintendo.  For the most part, connecting a Wii to the Internet is a rather simple and painless process.

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