How To Setup Starlink Router? (3 Simple Steps)

how to setup starlink router
how to setup starlink router

Starlink is a well-known satellite internet constellation that’s owned and operated by SpaceX. The company provides satellite internet coverage to the users and utilizes advanced satellites from the lower orbit. In simpler words, the internet service is exceptional, making it a great choice for video calling, online gaming, and streaming. In addition, there is a Starlink router available to connect you to the internet. So, if you have purchased the Starlink kit and don’t know how to set up the router, we have the guide available for you!

How To Setup Starlink Router?

  1. Choosing The Installation Location

To begin with, you need to select the installation location for the router and the receiver. When it comes down to Starlink, you need a clear view of the sky to make sure a consistent connection is achieved with the satellite network. For instance, the objects that can hinder the connection between the satellite and Starlink router will lead to service interruptions.

In case you don’t know how to identify the location with a clear sky view, we recommend that you download the smartphone app of Starlink on your device. This is because the app helps identify the installation location that will ensure top-notch service quality and check for potential obstructions. In addition, it helps set up the hardware and verify the Wi-Fi connection.

When you install and connect to the smartphone app, you will be able to receive alerts for connectivity and service issues. Not to forget, you can troubleshoot the network connectivity issues and identify the devices that are connected to the network. All in all, when you download the app, you have to tap on the “check for obstructions” option to find a reliable installation location. All in all, once you find the installation location, you can use the accessories and mounts if the location is elevated.

  1. Plugging In

Once the location has been selected, you must plug the Starklink router into the base and connect it to power. As a result, Starlink will level itself automatically to search for satellites and establish an internet connection. Within a few minutes, the initial connection with the Starlink constellation will be completed but make sure your tilt the router at the right angle.

  1. Connect To The Wi-Fi

When you connect the Starlink, you will be able to look for the Starlink network, so tap on it to connect. When the router is connected to the network, a new window will appear on the screen, and you will be prompted to add the network name and the password, so add these details to secure your internet connection.

Additional Things To Remember

Now that we have shared information on how to set up the router, you need to remember that the connector cable should be connected with the help of a straight connector. Since both ends of the cables need different connectors, you need to be careful about connector connections. In addition, when you plug in the cable connector, make sure you hear a click sound as it indicates a secure connection.

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