How To Reset Password On Amped Wireless Router? (2 Must-Know Methods)

how to reset password on amped wireless router
how to reset password on amped wireless router

Wireless internet connections have become everyone’s top preference because they allow users to connect their wireless devices to the internet without any lags. To prevent unauthorized access to the wireless internet connection, the users use a password, which is essential if they want to access the internet connection. This means that you have to reset the password on the Amped wireless router if you forget the password and are unable to access the internet. So, with this article, we are sharing how you can reset your password.

How To Reset Password On Amped Wireless Router?

Resetting The Password On Amped Wireless Routers

The Amped wireless router is designed with cutting-edge encryption and security standards, which helps users secure their internet connection. In addition, the password is used to prevent unauthorized access to the internet. So, if you cannot recall the password, the only solution is to reset the password and set up a new one to prevent network intrusions;

Method One – The Reset Button

Just like other wireless routers in the market, Amped wireless router is also designed with a reset button on the backside of the unit. To reset the password, you have to press this reset button. However, you need to understand that pressing the reset button will also reset the internet connection and the internet settings will be deleted, including the password. The reset button has to be pressed for a few seconds to complete the reset process. Once the password is reset, you can use the default password and username to access the connection.

Method Two – The Web-Based Console

If you don’t want to use the reset button because it deleted all the internet and network settings as well, it’s recommended that you reset the password with the help of the web-based console. To access the console, you have to use the IP address in the internet browser’s search bar and it will open the login page. You can use the internet credentials to log into the web-based console.

Once you are logged in, you have to open the web menu, go to the “more settings,” and tap on management. From the management tab, tap on the password and it will open a page with three fields. In the first field, you have to use the password you are currently using and type the new one in the last two fields. Then, just save the settings and the old password will be reset and the new one will be saved.

Tips To Choose A Secure Internet Connection

If you have reset the password and want to set up a new password, we are sharing tips to choose a secure and strong internet connection;

  1. Choose a combination of alphabets, symbols, and numbers
  2. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets
  3. Don’t use your date of birth or other important dates close to you to set up the password because they are easy to guess
  4. Make sure you change the internet password after every three weeks to prevent password hacks

All in all, resetting the password is quite easy but don’t forget to select a strong password!

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