Advantages of 4G Internet Coverage

If you have read a lot about the latest technologies you will find that 4G Internet coverage has taken the front stage as the next generation form of high speed wireless connectivity.  Although 4G is fairly new to the world of high speed Internet some Internet Service Providers and cell phone carriers have already started to provide this type of connection which offers faster performance than 3G and improved mobility.

So why is there so much hype around 4G Internet coverage and what are some of the benefits it will provide to a generation that is becoming increasingly mobile?

Overview of 4G Internet Coverage

If you understand some things about 4G Internet you will be able to see why there is so much hype in the technology world about 4G Internet coverage.  4G gets its title from technology developers that refer to it as “Fourth Generation Internet.”  It is referred to as fourth generation since it follows the 3G Internet which has become widely available in recent years. 4G offers Internet connectivity that is up to four times faster than 3G Internet.

The reason that 4G offers a lot of promise to the mobile environment is because it is capable of sustaining a high speed Internet connection at longer distances making it much more mobile than other types of Internet connectivity.  Conventional wireless Internet is limited in the distance that it can cover from the location of the modem which makes it difficult to access the Internet outside of that distance.

With a 4G Internet connection you can log onto the Internet in a moving car if you wish as long as you are in an area that provides 4G Internet coverage and the distance for access is much more than conventional wireless.  4G is a much more stable and reliable connection than other wireless signals.

4G Internet Coverage and the Mobile Workforce

4G Internet coverage presents many advantages to the workforce now and in the future as this type of Internet connectivity evolves.  Many employers are catching on to the advantages of increased mobility for their workers.  They are finding that mobility actually increases worker productivity while eliminating a lot of the hassles that can come with collaboration among a mobile workforce.

With 4G Internet workers can stay in touch with the office while they are on the go, share documents through collaboration programs, talk to anyone in any location face-to-face with web camera applications and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), access office files from anywhere with online backup and storage, and many other tasks that create ease for mobile workers.

4G Internet Coverage and Personal Use

4G Internet coverage has many advantages for personal use.  Thanks to high speed technology you can talk with your relatives around the world face-to-face for hours without having the exorbitant long distance bill afterward.  If you are an avid movie fan 4G Internet coverage can provide many hours of viewing movies from any location and with a sharp quality picture.  It also allows you to access your favorite TV shows and sports events while you are on the go.

In the future 4G will most likely enhance the already present Internet TV and high definition television sets that are equipped with Internet capability.  If you are an avid gamer then you can enjoy your favorite games from any location with 4G Internet coverage.  4G will also enhance the capabilities for your Xbox or Wii device with a faster Internet connection.

A recent advancement in 4G technology was announced by Sprint who will be releasing a new HTC EVO View 4G which is a PC tablet with a 7-inch touch screen that will run the Android 2.3 and utilize 4G Internet for enhanced web browsing and other Internet capabilities.

4G Internet and Other Technologies

4G Internet is also serving other technologies in addition to the workforce and personal use.  Car manufacturers are equipping vehicles with high speed 4G Internet capabilities to accommodate GPS systems and movie viewing while traveling.  Some of the car manufacturers are installing the movie viewing device right on the back of the headrest to help drivers keep their children calm on a long trip.  4G capability is also being installed in more multimedia devices as the surge in 4G Internet coverage continues over the next few years.

Appliances that are equipped with Internet capability will eventually work with a 4G Internet connection.  Appliances such as refrigerators and other household gadgets already connect to the Internet to provide you with an inventory of what is in your refrigerator, allow you to program appliances in your house, and much more.

Although 4G Internet coverage may not yet be available in your area as you can see there is potential for new technologies with the increased use of 4G, hence the reason for all of the hype. What you see happening with 3G Internet will increase tenfold as 4G Internet coverage becomes more widely available.

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