How To Install NETGEAR N750 Router? (2 Methods To Try)

how to install netgear n750 router
how to install netgear n750 router

Netgear has an exceptional range of routers available, and N750 is one of the best dual-band routers available. It is a gigabit router that promises high-performance and faster wireless speeds. The best thing about this router is that it’s suitable for medium and large-scale homes. In addition, it has a dual-band configuration, which means you can shift between 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, depending on the desired internet speed. However, you have to set up the router properly to make sure it promises an error-free internet connection. So, let’s check out how to set up and install the router at home!

How To Install Netgear N750 Router:

When you order this router, it will come with the main router unit, slide-on stand, power adapter, Ethernet cable, and an installation guide. To prepare the router for installation, you have to take out the protective film and set it up by aligning the base’s arrow with the arrow printed on the case’s back. Then, just slide the router on the base. After this, place the router in an installation-suitable area.

You need to remember that the operating distance of the wireless router from the device can significantly impact the internet speed. So, it’s recommended that you place the router in an open and central part of the home to make sure it has an even signal distribution. In addition, you must ensure that it’s not rooms away from the devices and avoid installing it near metal surfaces or wireless devices because they interfere with the internet signals. Once you find the perfect location for the router, you can start the installation process. There are two installation methods that you can try, including;

Method 1 – Smart Wizard Setup

The smart wizard setup is available on the CD that comes with the router. This is the easiest way of installing the router as the wizard shows on-screen prompts that you’ve to follow. In addition, the majority of steps are automated. To use the wizard, just put the CD on the PC, and the wizard will pop up on the screen, so you can follow the on-screen prompts and complete the setup. However, you need to delete or disable the VPN because it can cause conflicts in the installation.

Method 2 – Manual Installation

If you cannot use the setup wizard for any reason, you can follow the manual guide but make sure you enable the “automatically obtain the IP address” option on the computer (you can access these settings from the TCP/IP properties through the control panel). Now, let’s start the installation process;

  1. Connect the router to the cable modem or ADSL and connect your PC to the router
  2. When the router and modem are connected to the computer, open the internet browser on the PC and access the router by entering
  3. When you sign in, go to the firmware section and install the firmware upgrade
  4. Then, open the setup wizard from the menu and follow the on-screen commands
  5. Once the on-screen commands are completed, hit the “apply button on the screen, and the router will be installed!

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