Get Hopper 3 For Free: Is It Possible?

how to get hopper 3 for free
how to get hopper 3 for free

Hopper 3 is an absolute choice for people who want to record and stream on-demand television. In simpler words, Hopper 3 is the DVR that offers users to record and stream the TV. Some people are even calling it the cable box. However, some people are concerned about how to get Hopper 3 for free and if it’s possible. So, let’s see if it’s possible!

Get Hopper 3 For Free?

The quick answer is NO, you cannot get the Hopper 3 for free, but you can get it with Zero upfront costs. Sure, if you are the existing subscriber or the Dish has qualified you as a new customer, you can get the Hopper 3 with zero upfront costs. However, even with that, you need to pay the DVR fee that’s about $10 to $15 on a per month basis. When you pay this amount, you actually become eligible to record 2TB content.

This makes around five-hundreds hours of HD media. In addition, it comes with sixteen tuners. On the other hand, if you are adding the Joeys, keep in mind that each of it will cost around $7 on a per month basis. So, it’s pretty evident that you cannot get the Hopper 3 for free, in any case, except the fact that there will be no upfront costs if Dish qualifies you for the “blessing.”

On the other hand, we wouldn’t stop you from trying your luck. We are saying this because some Dish users have been trying a rather different technique for getting rid of the Hopper 3 costs. With this being said, they call Dish customer support and tell them that you’ve issues with the functionality and performance of the services.

In this case, you must not give away yourself because the customer representatives can really sense if you are just playing something. So, if you are lucky enough, they will wave off the Hopper 3 fee, but even then, you will need to pay the installation costs. As far as you are concerned if customer representatives will listen to you or not, it majorly depends on the payment history.

The bottom line is that there are almost zero chances that Dish will wave off the Hopper 3 fee because which company wants to reduce its profitability, right? You can try your luck but we wouldn’t want you to depend on the idea of getting the Hopper 3 fee waived because it usually never happens.

How Much Hopper 3 Actually Costs?

When it comes down to the price of Hopper 3, it’s actually starting from $300 but there are additional shipping charges as well. However, there are chances that some qualified existing customers and new customers can get Hopper 3 for free and zero upfront costs. However, you cannot get past the DVR fee and Joey fee which we have already mentioned in the article above.

On the other hand, if you opt for the Super Joey, it will cost you around $10 on a per month basis as compared to $7 in the case of regular Joey. Many people think that Hopper 3 is pretty expensive but when you opt for the affordable Dish network plan, everything will become highly affordable for you. So, if you’ve been wondering if Hopper 3 is worth your time and investment, it’s the most powerful DVR, so it’s definitely worth your hard-earned money.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Hopper 3 can be pretty expensive in the start since the price of Hopper 3 is around $300. To be honest, there are very minimal chances that Dish will wave off these charges (maybe you need to be some supernatural customer for getting Dish to wave off the Hopper 3 charges. On the other hand, keep in mind that you might be able to trespass the upfront costs.

With this being said, you will always need to pay the extra costs, such as the DVR fee ($15 monthly) along with the Joey fee. For instance, if you choose the 4K Joey, it will cost $7 for one while the Super Joey will cost $10 each. So, you know what you need to do; either beg the customer support to wave off the upfront fee or get ready to spend $300 plus the DVR and Joey fee!

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