How To Fix CVE-2017-14491 On Netgear Router? (4 Tips)

how to fix cve-2017-14491 on netgear router
how to fix cve-2017-14491 on netgear router

Netgear router is one of the best ones in the market, given the better security standards and advanced functionality-related features. However, just like other routers, there are internet connection issues associated with the router. So, if you have the CVE-2017-14491 error with the Netgear router, this article will share all you need to know to resolve the error.

How To Fix CVE-2017-14491 On Netgear Router?

When it comes down to this error on your Netgear router, it is known as vulnerability error, which means the router security is at risk. It might sound alarming, but there are various steps that can help you get through this issue easily, such as;

1. Disconnect The Router

First of all, whenever you have this error code popping up on the screen, you should disconnect the router right away to limit the external dangers. If your router is designed with a standalone configuration, you can disconnect the router by taking out the Ethernet cable. On the other hand, if the router is designed as a wireless gateway, you will need to disconnect the entire internet connection, which is all about disconnecting the wireless as well as wired devices.

2. Reset

In case of a vulnerability error, there are high chances that a reboot will help fix the problem, particularly if this is a simple hacking attempt. This is because rebooting will clear the memory and data related to the malicious code, and the public IP address will be refreshed. As far as the process of rebooting is concerned, you only need to disconnect it from the power connection, wait for one minute, and reconnect the router.

However, if this simple reset doesn’t work, you will need to reset your router to the factory settings. This is because the simple power cycle is not sufficient for VPNFilter infections. For resetting the router, you must find the reset button on the router and press it with a paperclip for at least ten seconds or until the router switches off on its own.

3. Password

Another great way of protecting yourself and the internet connection is to change the password. It is important to set a strong password, or you could also use a password manager for creating the password. One of the best ways of securing your internet connection is to set the passphrase, which is known as a long string of different words, and there must be some numbers and symbols.

4. Firmware

Firmware updates are regularly launched by Netgear for their routers, and it’s important that you pay heed to them. So, you need to check the settings, and if there is a firmware update available, it should be installed right away to make sure there are no compromises on the security standards. On the contrary, if you are unaware of how to download and install the firmware updates, you can use the instruction manual to help yourself. If possible, you can also turn on automatic firmware updates as it’s more helpful in streamlining the router functionality and security standards, and the vulnerability error won’t appear in the first place.

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