4 Solutions For Dish TV Activity Screen Keeps Popping Up

dish tv activity screen keeps popping up
dish tv activity screen keeps popping up

Dish TV is widely used by people who want access to on-demand channels and content that’s not readily available anywhere else. For the most part, they work pretty well, but the Dish TV activity screen keeps popping up has become a common complaint among the users. If you have the same pop-up bugging you, this article has various solutions that can resolve your problem.

Dish TV Activity Screen Keeps Popping Up Issues

1. TV Input

First of all, you must check the connection and focus on the TV input. This is because an improperly connected TV input will signal the Dish TV about the connectivity problem, and it will lead to the activity screen popping up again and again. In most cases, people select the input channel where the device is not connected. On the other hand, the majority of televisions are programmed to show the “no signal” notification, particularly when the input channel isn’t connected to the device. If you don’t know the right way of checking the input mode, follow the instructions mentioned below;

  • Look for the source button or input button on the TV
  • Press this button, and the input menu will be displayed on the TV screen
  • Go through the menu and choose the channel that’s connected to the Dish
  • Wait for a few seconds to ensure the data show

2. Cable Connections

Now that you have selected the correct TV input mode, the next step is to check the cables and make sure they are connected to the receiver. In addition to the cable connections, make sure that the cables are working properly are not damaged. Some of the most important cables to check to include the HDMI cable, component cables, and the RCA cable. You must ensure that the cable that’s connecting the TV and receiver has power.

On the other hand, if you see breakages and damages in the cables during the inspection, they could be causing the issue, and replacing them is the right solution. Secondly, you must take out all the cables and insert them again to ensure proper connectivity. Last but not least, make sure that the cables are connected to the jacks or ports they are supposed to be in.

3. Green Light

Dish TV’s receiver comes with the RGB light to indicate errors. In the majority of cases, a red light will indicate the error while the green light shows that the receiver and Dish TV are working properly and are properly connected. So, if the green light is not switched on, you should reboot the unit, and it’s likely to fix the activity screen issue.

4. Connection Between The Dish & TV Receiver

The next and probably the last step to fix the activity screen pop-up is to check the connection between your Dish and the TV receivers. Keep in mind that the connections should be stable, and the cables must be in working condition. For instance, the antenna must be placed in the correct direction, and the Dish must receive stable power. Moreover, you could interchange the cable ends to fix the pop-ups.

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