How To Change Wi-Fi Password Wave Broadband? (5 Steps And Bonus Tips)

how to change wifi password wave broadband
how to change wifi password wave broadband

Wave Broadband is a well-known American company that provides enterprise, business, and residential-scale cable TV, telephone services, and broadband internet to users. The best thing about this telecommunication service provider is that it allows users to access and manage their accounts with extreme ease. Similarly, since you get to keep an eye on the network, it’s important that you know the right way of changing the Wi-Fi password as it helps secure the network connection.

How To Change Wi-Fi Password Wave Broadband?

Changing The Wi-Fi Password

With each passing day, the number of cyber threats is only increasing and the network connections are the most vulnerable as hackers can find a way to all the connected devices by hacking the network connection. However, regularly changing the wireless connection can be extremely helpful as it allows the users to secure the network connection. So, let’s check out the steps you’ve to follow to change the Wi-Fi password;

  1. First of all, you must tap on the business name that’s mentioned in the top-left corner of the screen
  2. Then, tap on the “manage profile” button from the drop-down menu
  3. Now, open the left menu and click the password button
  4. The next step is to enter the old password as well as the new password in the respective fields. You will need to enter the new password twice to confirm the account
  5. Lastly, just click on the “change password” option and the password will be saved

On the other hand, if you don’t have access to the account, we recommend that you reset the password. So, in the section below, we are sharing steps to reset the password;

  1. To begin with, you have to click on this link to access the reset page
  2. In the available field, add your primary email address that’s connected to the Wave Broadband account
  3. Now, press the “send reset instructions”
  4. Then, the company will send out an email with step-by-step instructions to set up a new password. So, reset the password and use the new password to sign in

In some cases, the email by Wave Broadband will land in the junk or spam folder. So, if you cannot find the email in the inbox, you can check the junk or spam folder. As far as the email is concerned, you should add a primary email address. In case you have connected multiple email addresses, you can try using another email address to access the reset details. In addition, you must ensure that you have verified the email address to get the password reset instructions.

Tips To Set Up A New Password

It’s quite easy to change the Wi-Fi password but there are some tips that you should follow to set up a strong password;

  1. Always use a combination of symbols, numbers, and alphabet
  2. Make sure you add uppercase as well as lowercase alphabets
  3. Always use a random combination rather than using your account number or date of birth as the password

So, are you ready to change the password and secure your wireless connection?

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