How Do I Get Rid Of Cox Complete Care?

how do i get rid of cox complete care
how do i get rid of cox complete care

Cox Communication is a company that provides its customers with TV cable, telecommunications, and several other services.

This is a multi-billion dollar company and the number of people subscribed to its services is also in the millions. As a result, the Cox Communication Company came up with the idea to provide its customers with a new service called the Cox Complete Care.

The main purpose of this service is to help its customers. The help they provide is cheap but it will still cost you – the customer – money for some mandatory customer service. Service for something you have bought with money for more money.

How Do I Get Rid Of Cox Complete Care?

According to the Cox Complete Care terms and services, people who want to cancel their Care services can only do so through a phone call. The number given on their website is, 1-877-Cox-Asst (1-877-269-2778). This is the only way to get rid of Cox Complete Care.

Cox Complete Care came about because the company couldn’t give out customer service to its millions of subscribers. Providing this type of service will cost the company a substantial amount of money, but having an exclusive service will not only solve the customer service problem, but it also provides the company with a new source of income.

An individual can subscribe to the Cox Complete Care service through the Cox Communications Subscriber account. The service itself costs the subscriber 10 US dollars per month.

Even though you’re paying hard-earned cash for a monthly subscription, the company still doesn’t provide its subscribers with on hands customer support.

The Cox Complete Care subscription gives out a ton of customer care services. To give you an idea of what you might be losing from unsubscribing, we have detailed all of them below.

Technical support

Just like any other small telecommunication company, Cox Communication’s Cox Complete Care provides its customers with technical support whenever they need it. But unlike those small companies that provide in-home technical support, the support provided by Cox Communication Company is through a telephone call or an internet message.

According to the company, a Cox Complete Care subscription will provide technical support regarding device setup, device configuration, device connectivity, device synchronization, troubleshooting, and customer education. The company has also listed the types of devices that fall under the Cox Complete Care service umbrella, the devices include, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, home entertainment devices, IoT devices, Wi-Fi devices, etc.

Only Apple and Android devices are supported and for other services, only the devices affiliated with the Cox Communication Company are supported.

Customer education is a feature that allows you – the customer – to ask for information regarding the device you have bought or something you are considering. It will also provide you with a technician that will tell you how to operate the device through a phone or the internet.

If you are a technical person and know how everything works, paying 10 US dollars per month might not be the best option for you.


This is the only service for which the company provides you with in-home support.

If you have a faulty wire or something related to a wire bought from the Cox Communication Company, the company – as stated within the Cox Complete Care Terms and Services – has to provide you with physical technical support for replacing or fixing that faulty wire.

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