Google Fiber vs Xfinity: Which One Is Better?

google fiber vs xfinity
google fiber vs xfinity

Having an internet connection has become a necessity these days. This is because of all the work that can be done using this service. You can speed up your workflow as well as ensure that there are fewer errors on it. Aside from this, there are tons of entertainment services provided using the internet as well. These include listening to songs, watching movies, and playing games.

Although, before you get a connection at your home. There are some things that you have to consider. These include selecting a well-known ISP that has reliable packages. The subscription package also plays a huge role as these will determine the limitations of your network along with its bandwidth.

Talking about this, two major brands have come up with their fiber services, these are Google and Xfinity. Considering this, if you are confused about selecting one of these two brands then here are some steps that can be followed.

Google Fiber vs Xfinity

Google Fiber

Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in products and services related to the internet. Most people have already heard about this brand and even use the search engine developed by them.

Although, one thing that people do not know is that Google has also come up with a fiber-optic service. Standard DSL internet connections use copper wiring in them which can be quite durable. Although, the speed at which data is transferred within these cables is limited.

On the other hand, fiber optic wiring can send and receive data at a much faster speed. This is because the information between these cables is sent through the light which is reflected within the wire.

While the major downside to using fiber optic is its high cost for installation, the speed it provides you with will make up for it. Google offers numerous data plans that you can choose from and both its installation and package cost are quite low.

Although, the reason why most people have not heard about it is that its availability is limited. Google Fiber can only be used in certain parts of America as of now, the company is still working on expanding its services.

Although, this might take some time. If you are interested in trying out Google Fiber then you can check their website to find areas where the service is available. If it is in your area then you can purchase the packages straight from the website. Alternatively, you can contact customer support to help you out.


Xfinity is the trade name used by the famous company Comcast. The famous telecommunications company is both known for providing internet and television services. Additionally, they even have modems and routers that can be used at your home to improve your connection. Most services from the company fall under the brand name Xfinity. Talking about this, the fiber optic service from them is one the most used connections in the US.

This is because of their speeds and prices being better than most other ISPs. The 2000 Mbps package from the company is considered to be the fastest connection you can get. Although, there are some things that you have to note when purchasing this. The speeds are mostly useful for people who want an internet service for their business or office where a lot of people will be using it.

Additionally, the fee might be charged monthly but you have to sign a 2-year contract with the brand. This means that you cannot cut your connection before the contract is over. Although, there are tons of other plans that the company offers which you can subtribe to instead. Overall, Xfinity has a much larger availability when compared to Google Fiber.

The prices might be similar but Google Fiber is a little cheaper in comparison. As for the performance, both of these connections are amazing but Google did receive some complaints from their users.

Though, the company claimed that the connection is slower was due to the construction method used in the area. Whatever the case might be, both of these are services are amazing and you can get either one of them. One option is to try checking all the packages provided by both brands and then finding ones that suit you better.

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