Google Fiber- How It Works? (Explained)

google fiber how it works
google fiber how it works

Having an internet connection at your home has become more of a necessity nowadays. Although, if you are someone who does not already have this service. Alternatively, if you are trying to change your ISP. Then there are tons of things that you need to look out for. These will help you in getting a connection that does not run into any problems.

Some things that you have to keep in mind are what type of connection you are getting. What are the speeds on your package are and if there are any bandwidth limits? Keeping the features in check are also essential but most companies should provide you with amazing services.

What Is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is a fiber-optic connection from Google. The company has been trying to launch its internet service for quite some time now. They had been planning this for more than 10 years. But their plans kept getting delayed due to certain circumstances. Although, recently the company was able to start providing Google Fiber in some areas. While the availability for this service is still limited.

The brand is still trying to further spread its connection. Most of the areas that already have Google Fiber used the standard installation system most fiber wires already use. Although, they have now started to use a unique technique known as shallow trenching. This means that you do not have to dig as much as most companies have to which saves a lot of time. Considering this, Google should be able to spread their much faster now and it should easily be available to most users.

Google Fiber How It Works?

Now that you know what Google Fiber is, the question regarding how it works might come to mind. Most ISPs have connections labeled as DSL. These use copper wires in them to transfer data which should work without any issues. Although, now that videos have started to come out in 4K, the users will notice that their stream starts to lag.

If this happens then your only option will be getting a better package. This is where the issue with DSL connections comes in. These have a limit on how fast the speeds can get. On the other hand, fiber connections provide people with wires that can transfer data at the speed of light. This allows you to have a connection that can give you speeds in Gbps.

Should You Get It?

Having a 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps of internet connection at your home can be quite fun. The overall price is also low when you compare it with other brands that offer similar speeds. Even the installation charges for using Google Fiber are free. Keeping this in mind, should you be getting it.

The answer to this depends on your use. Usually, having a connection like this will be unnecessary for you as the speeds are too high. These might be required in large businesses and offices but not at homes. Although, if for some reason you do need 2 Gbps of speed then you should go for Google Fiber.

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