6 Common FyberCom Issues (With Solutions)

fybercom issues
fybercom issues

FyberCom is the common choice of people living in East Idaho because the company is offering top-notch internet services to the area. In addition to fixed wireless internet services, the company offers fiber internet services as well. To be honest, the internet plans are pretty amazing as the bigger ones have a high upload and download speed and some plans offer unlimited data as well. However, there are still some issues with FyberCom connections that we are sharing in this article!

FyberCom General Issues And Fixes:

  1. POE Not Working

POE is basically the power over Ethernet injector and it is important to connect fiber and radio equipment to connect to power and create a LAN connection. So, when the fiber and radio equipment isn’t working, there are chances that the injector has stopped working. It’s recommended that you trace the cable that’s connected to the modem, internet, or WAN port as it will take you to POE. The POE has the power cord on the bottom and you’ve to ensure that the power cord is securely connected on both ends.

In addition to power cords, you have to check the Ethernet ports – there are two ports on the top of the injector. One port is important for connecting the fiber and radio equipment to power it up while the other one splits the data channel. So, check the wires and cables and make sure they are tightly connected. In addition to this, the POE must be tightly connected to the wall plug, and make sure you don’t use surge protectors and power strips to power it up as POE is sensitive equipment.

  1. Router Is Constantly Booting

If you have connected a router to use the FyberCom internet but the router keeps booting on its own, there are chances of issues with the power connection. For this purpose, we recommend that you check the power cord that connects the router and make sure it’s connected to the back of the router as well as the power outlet. In addition, you should check for physical damage to the cable to make sure the power signals aren’t disturbed. Not to forget, it’s recommended that you check the router model because FyberCom has always been clear about the compatible router, so it might be time to upgrade the router.

  1. Cable Is Connected To Port But There Is No Internet

When you connect the cable to the internet port but your devices are unable to detect the internet, there are chances that there is something wrong with POE. The simplest solution is to locate POE in the network and make sure the cable is connecting the POE injector and router. However, if there is nothing wrong with the POE injector, it’s recommended that you call the company at (208) 403-0505 for more assistance.

  1. Wireless Is Disabled

If you connect your devices to the FyberCom internet but the wireless is disabled, you have to check the wireless button. In most cases, people turn off this button by mistake, which causes issues with the wireless connection. That being said, check the wireless button and turn it on. Once you turn on the wireless button on the device, it’s recommended that you reboot the device to refresh the internet signals.

  1. Gaming Issues

Since FyberCom works with PlayStation and Xbox, many people actually use this internet to play games. However, if there are gaming issues, you need to check the IP address. In particular, it’s recommended that you opt for a static IP address but you might have to pay an additional $15 a month. In addition to this, you’ve to ensure that the ports are fully forwarded on the router. In case you are using a switch, you have to invest in a five-port switch to make sure the ports are optimized.

  1. Latency Issues

In case there are lag spikes while connected to the FyberCom internet connection, there are chances that you have a latency issue. The immediate solution is to connect your console or computer to the router with the help of an Ethernet cord. That’s because the wireless internet is suitable for data throughput but tends to have an overhead for data transfer, which makes it challenging to take part in gaming and streaming.

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