5 Websites To Check The Frontier Internet Outage

frontier internet outage
frontier internet outage

Even a small interference in our access to the internet can be a problem, whether you’re working from home or running a business online or even just streaming preferred content. Even with a service provider like Frontier, there are bound to be times when there is an outage in the service and you may need to check the status of your service. Lucky for you, apart from the service provider’s own outage reports, there are various sites and services online that can help you check your connection and ensure that you are not the only one facing an unfortunate outage.

Frontier Communications is a popular telecommunications company and the fourth largest provider of the digital subscriber line, offering broadband internet and digital services to both residential and business customers in around 30 different cities. However, despite being a well-run company, certain factors cause Frontier internet outages and the following are services that can help you keep them in track and ensure they bring about minimal disruption in your work or business.

Before we get started, here’s a list of all the sites that help users report outages and monitor the network status for any service or site:

  1. CurrentlyDown– One of the most popular services used by people over the world, it provides quick and effective outage reports for almost any website on the internet.
  2. Downdetectir– One of the biggest contenders in this market, and the most popular, this site is go-to for almost all internet users from businessmen to gamers to bloggers.
  3. Outages.io – A hybrid monitoring system that has a cloud-based control panel and a hardware/software onsite monitor.
  4. Pingdom – An easy and affordable cloud-based network monitor that effectively keeps track of all your desired services with a simple subscription.
  5. Uptrends – With good reporting alerts, this service is based on the cloud and offers comprehensive stats.

Websites To Check The Frontier Internet Outage

1) Currentlydown

currentlydown frontier internet outage

Currentlydown, being a go-to for most users of the internet, let’s you check whether a site is working or whether your connection to it is the problem. You can view status on particular sites to see if they are down for everyone else or just you, and if the problem lies in your service provider the website can report the problem accurately. The site tracks website availability for almost all major sites and tracks the reports over the long term, providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-read data display on any particular site.

Currentlydown stores outage reports for all major service outages, or site malfunctions, and also keep track of real-time site issues or news with major sites. Users can easily check if certain network providers have outages over a particular area as a whole or whether it’s localized to some parts.

2) Downdetector

downdetector frontier internet outage

Regarded as the site that created this specific website type, Downdetector is one the oldest and most reliable service that tracks your services and provides real-time reports on outages and provider problems. It provides outage information on all major services that are vital to people and their everyday life such as mobile providers, internet providers, financial services, and other online services.

Downdetector uses reports obtained through their own site and app, along with those posted on Twitter, and analyzes and validates those reports which help detect anomalies and catch service disruption in early stages. It only posts properly validated reports where an outage affects a large number of people on a particular site or service, where the number is above a certain baseline. It even provides operational monitoring, real-time incident analysis, and also automated alerting. With over 20 million reports from individual users, Downdetector can easily pinpoint outage stats and cause and offer valid reports detailing the extent of the damage.

3) Outages.io

outages frontier internet outage

Outages.io is a unique monitoring service that offers both a hardware solution and a software one. The hardware involves attaching a box to your router which becomes part of your office or home network and is managed by Outages.io providing timely updates and efficient monitoring. The software version of the tool can be installed on most major platforms and can be used to monitor internet activity and even access a cloud control panel for your personal sites as well.

The tool helps identify poor performance and network outages on your connection and tells the user if any services or web-based apps are functioning slowly or involve any faults. All the data and reports are easily compiled and displayed on the dashboard for the user to view, highlighting where the problem lies, if any.

4) Pingdom

pingdom frontier internet outage

Pingdom is a cloud-based system that monitors your connection and even views your network performance externally to get the best statistics. Working right from the browser without any need for downloads, the service gives you a personalized dashboard linked to your account credentials. It readily gives you access to more than 60 different locations to test your connection from and provides real-time reports on-site availability and such. Even with accurate reporting, information is always double-checked through a second source and then the user is alerted to any problems on the network.

It keeps track of all major service providers as well, so any user-facing Frontier internet outage can easily determine the cause and outage report for a quick analysis of their network.

5) Uptrends

uptrends frontier internet outage

The Uptrends service monitors a particular website using a variety of factors, including internet availability, and does this all from a remote service within the browser. It checks web servers from any specific server from any location, including any hosted on the Cloud. It checks sites on a number of factors, like DNS records, FTP performance, and also SSL certificates. Performance checks taken can be viewed every minute on well-made graphs that can be exported to PDF or Excel format and emailed out.

Uptrends visual dashboard is highly customizable and can be tailored to specific use and sites, and alerts can be sent through email, SMS, and other messaging apps, as well as the dashboard, which is viewed on any browser including mobile devices.

This way you can easily evaluate any site or service provider stats accordingly and utilize any of these sites to check for any internet outage with a particular site or your provider.

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