5 Websites to Check for CenturyLink Internet Outage

century link internet outage
century link internet outage

If there is one thing that people cannot live without in this world after oxygen, it is the internet. Internet and fast communication are two wheels of the bike to ride in this fast-paced world. With this need in mind, people have been choosing CenturyLink for their network services, in addition to communication, security, voice, and cloud solutions.

The company is based in Louisiana and has been named in the Fortune 500. Well, it’s evident that they have millions of users under their belt. They have communication services in multiple forms, such as long-distance voice, MPLS, ethernet, private lines, hosting, public access, VoIP, and other network services.

CenturyLink has impregnated multiple continents, naming themselves a global enterprise. That’s to say because they provide services in Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. So, if you’ve been facing the internet delays and outages, there are chances that there are servers are congested. Consequently, we have outlined the top five websites to help you check if there is an internet outage.

Websites to Check for Century Link Internet Outage

1. IsTheServiceDown

century link internet outage istheservicedown


Well, the name of the website is pretty obvious, and you can have a clear idea of how it shares information about the server down issue or other internet outages. IsTheServiceDown is a quick way to check if there is an internet outage with CenturyLink of not. On this website, the users can get outage reports and internet issues that happened in the last 15 days.

According to their latest report, internet outage of CenturyLink was counted to 932 reports, and Seattle has around 560 reports. That’s to say because this website provides information according to the state and location for the purpose of precise information. They tend to collect data and reports from different sources and conduct sentiment analysis.

They have an automatic system to detect the service interruptions and outages at the initial stages. Through sentiment analysis, they use the text analysis and computational programs to outline the subjective information. This way, they gather information through customer services and marketing departments, which speaks about the authenticity of the information.

2. DownDetector

century link internet outage downdetector

Internet is a necessity, and if by any chance you are struggling with internet outage on CenturyLink, DownDetector is an apt way of outlining the authenticity. They have designed an iPhone and Android app for convenience and higher functionality. In addition, it can be used with Amazon Alexa all the same.

DownDetector is designed to offer real-time status of the internet, according to the network carrier. In addition, you can get the service outage information that’s helpful for work and personal use. DownDetector can be used to check network outages for mobile providers, internet providers, online games, and other online services.

They tend to collect information and create status reports by checking on official websites and social media, like Twitter. The reports are always validated and analyzed in real-time to ensure you get accurate information. Also, they detect potential outages, and with their proactive services, the service disruptions and outages can be detected in early stages

DownDetector receives almost 22 million reports on a monthly basis, which are analyzed and verified to create the informational reports. They also have an enterprise section, aimed at operational monitoring, along with automated alerts for the users.

3. IsItDownRightNow

century link internet outage isitdownrightnow

Well, as a user, you have might have heard yourself asking, “is it down right now?” from your network’s customer care whenever there is any disruption in the internet connectivity. Well, this website helps to check if CenturyLink is down right now. On this website, the users can submit their comments about the status report.

The best thing about this website is that it provides the response time information, along with the last downtime. On the other hand, if you can access websites and the internet on devices other than the computer system, there are chances that DNS is at fault. In this case, you should use some other DNS services. In addition, you need to clear the cookies and cache in the browser.

On top of everything, ensure that you have the latest version of the webpage. Even more, don’t forget to refresh the page by pressing the Ctrl and F5 key at one time on your browser. Also, they can report the issues as well, and ItItDownRightNow will check if the issue is collective or individual. Once you make a comment, the country, network carrier, and browser information will be outlined for progressive analysis.

4. DownHunter

century link internet outage downhunter

So, your CenturyLink internet is acting up, and you have suspected internet outage. However, you need to clear about this issue, and DownHunter is an apt way to authenticate the news. This is because this website provides a graph with time at one place and internet speed on the other. With this graph, you can check if the internet is acting up at a certain time.

According to their reports, CenturyLink shows outages on the internet the most by 93%. On the other hand, the phone, TV, and blackout issues constitute 4%, 1%, and 2%, respectively. The users can report the CenturyLink network problem on the website as well. That’s to say because the homepage has a search bar, so you can enter the address and check the network availability.

With this website, the users can not only check the mobile services and DSL providers, but cable providers, apps, and websites can be checked as well. The services are completely free, without compromising on the authenticity of the information.

5. ServiceOutageStatus.com

century link internet outage serveroutagestatus

CenturyLink is an essential part of businesses and homes for their internet and network needs. So, if you need to check the internet or network outage, ServiceOutageStatus.com is the apt choice. The website provides the latest updates about the service outage. In addition, they provide information about when the services will be back.

The users can access the outage map on the website to check if there is a network outage at your location or not. The potential outage duration can be accessed, along with the repairing time. On top of everything, you will be able to find out the reason for the outage, such as malfunctioning of the network management cards or equipment vendor.

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