How To Do FreedomPop Carrier Reset? 5 Steps

freedompop carrier reset
freedompop carrier reset

FreedomPop is a well known MVNO that provides various Internet services and plans. But have you ever thought about FreedomPop Carrier Reset? It might be that you’ve read somewhere that resetting the carrier would solve many of your issues. Here, we have a step-by-step guide to help you go through FreedomPop Carrier Reset.

How To Do FreedomPop Carrier Reset?

To do FreedomPop Carrier Reset, you need to follow through the given steps carefully.

Step No. 1: Check FreedomPop Coverage

First, you need to make sure you’re getting good FreedomPop coverage in that specific area where you live in. You can check your area’s coverage by visiting the official FreedomPop coverage map at which shows FreedomPop’s coverage areas clearly. Find your area by entering your address in the search bar.

Step No. 2: Check Your FreedomPop Account

Checking or rechecking your FreedomPop account is important to look for any billing suspension alerts or errors. If your account is suspended, it means you either have a failed charge on your FreedomPop account that needs to be cleared out first.

If Top-ups are disabled and you have reached your maximum internet data limits, this can also result in the suspension of your account will become suspended.

Step No. 3: Downloading FreedomPop App

The official FreedomPop Calling/ Messaging Application is important as it is usually required for texting or calling purposes. The application is pretty compatible with most of the cell phones and their various versions including many iPhone and Android sets. It can easily run on the operating system 4.0 of Android which is Ice Cream Sandwich apparently, as well as on all the more recent OS.

Step No. 4: Visit the FreedomPop Website

The next step would be ensuring that your smartphone has been properly activated to use FreedomPop services. This can be done by entering your MEID number of your mobile device at the given FreedomPop Website i.e.

When your phone will be properly activated, you will get a notification telling you about the activation, but if it shows an error that means it is not correctly activated. An important thing that you should know about is that if you are using a BYOD phone, you just need to go and activate your phone of yours from the following given link i.e.

Step No. 5: Complete Carrier Resetting Process

Just go by the following steps to complete the carrier reset process.

  • Disable your phone’s WiFi
  • Enable Mobile phone’s cellular data.
  • On the Home Screen, find the FreedomPop application.
  • Tap on it to launch the native phone application.
  • Do not open the FreedomPop Messaging app. But instead, click on that native phone application which comes pre installed with phone.
  • Now, dial ##72786# or ##SCRTN# or *#*#72786#*#* in case of Nexus phone.
  • Without tapping on the Call Button, you’ll see that the device will start resetting automatically.
  • Now, enter your MSL code which you’d find in your email.
  • Hit Confirm to complete resetting

Note: If you are asked to insert a MCC code, try entering 310 or 311 in the box. The code number varies with the network which your device is recognizing.

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