Fios Box Not Responding To Remote: 8 Ways To Fix

fios box not responding to remote
fios box not responding to remote

For people who love to watch TV shows and movies, the FiOS box has become the ultimate set-top box. This set-top box is designed to deliver high-resolution display and entertainment options. However, the FiOS box not responding to remote is a pretty common issue. So, let’s see how it can be resolved!

Fios Box Not Responding To Remote

1) Reboot

In the first place, the users need to reboot the FiOS box. For rebooting the set-top box, the users must remove the power cable and wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes, insert the power cable again. When the FiOS box is rebooted, the responsiveness will be streamlined with the remote.

2) Link It Again

In case the remote isn’t working with the FiOS box and have response issues, you have to link the box and remote again. For this purpose, the users need to press the menu button on the remote, scroll down to the customer support. Then, you must open the home agent and tap on the program remote. Once you press the program remote button, there will be on-screen instructions for linking.

3) Reset

In case rebooting the FiOS box doesn’t work, you can try resetting the FiOS box. For resetting the FiOS box, take out the power plug from the box for around fifteen seconds and push it back in. However, some people tend to confuse the coaxial cable and power cable. Keep in mind that the coaxial cable cannot be used for resetting.

Consequently, when the time appears on the FiOS box, you must switch on the box. Now, wait for around ten minutes because it will update the interactive media guide. As a result, the FiOS box will start working with the remote.

4) Remote

In case the troubleshooting methods aren’t working, you have to use the work-around for it. For controlling or using the FiOS box, you can use the TV app. In addition, the universal remote can be used for controlling or using the FiOS box.

5) IR Interferences

In some cases, the response issue with the FiOS box and remote might occur due to IR interference. In the majority of cases, IR interference can be caused by temperature issues. That being said, if you are using the FiOS box in a cold room, the connectivity with the remote will be hindered. In this case, the users will need to lower the backlight settings, and the remote will start working.

5) Line Of Sight

If you are sitting in the corner and trying to control the FiOS box, it won’t be responsive. This is because the remote must be in a clear line of sight with the FiOS box. This is because if you aren’t ensuring a clear line of sight, there will be interferences and response issues. So, control the FiOS box with the remote and make sure there are no interferences.

6) Batteries

In some cases, the FiOS box might not be responding to the remote because the remote is not working in the first place. That being said, you have got to check the batteries in the remote. The batteries tend to wear out with time and will need replacement. The remotes usually use non-rechargeable batteries, so replacing them will be the only choice.

For replacing the batteries, the users will need to take out the worn-out batteries. It’s suggested to opt for the high-end batteries for the remote because it promises better performance. In addition, make sure that you install the batteries correctly.

7) Programming

If the remote is still not working properly with the FiOS box, you might need to program the remote for the FiOS box. That being said, the programming method is different for every remote. It’s best to consult the manual of your remote to ensure you are using the correct program instructions.

8) Button Sequence

If the issue still persists, you must use a specific button sequence. For fixing the response issue, you must press the STB button on the remote and move the Guide option. Then, you must press the channel up and channel button, and press the volume up and volume down buttons. As a result, there are high chances that the FiOS box will start responding to the remote. On the other hand, you can call 1-877-327-4440 for assistance if the response issue is still there!

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