5 Troubleshooting Tips For Slow Eero Beacon

eero beacon slow
eero beacon slow

When it comes down to internet connections, it goes without saying that eero is one of the most trusted brands for routers and beacons. While their routers have great connectivity and signal reception features, they also have beacons available for extending the wireless internet coverage and improving the internet connectivity. However, many users have started complaining about the slow eero beacon, and this is how you can fix it!

Eero Beacon Slow

1. Check Connection On Each Device

The first solution that you can try is to check the devices and see how the connections are established on every device. For instance, if you are identifying a slow and poor internet connection on one device, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi on the device with a slow internet speed. Once the Wi-Fi is disconnected, reboot the device and connect it to the Wi-Fi connection. However, if this doesn’t work, check out the new solution.

2. Run The Speed Test

There are various online internet speed tests available to help you determine the internet speed. The internet speed tests can help identify if there is an internet issue on multiple devices, but you need to check it at multiple locations in your home. If the internet speed is slower than what you are paying for, there are high chances that something is wrong with the internet service provider, so you need to call the internet service provider to get the promised internet connection. On the contrary, if the internet speed is something that you are already paying for, but it seems slow, you can try upgrading the internet packaging to achieve high-speed internet.

3. Reboot

Reboot is one of the most effective ways of increasing the internet connection’s speed. So, if the eero beacon is slow, you can try rebooting the beacon. The reboot is quite a simple process as it entails switching off the router and beacon for over ten minutes and reconnecting it to the main power source. The reboot can fix the connectivity issues, and it’s likely that the beacon will start working fine. In addition to the router, you should reboot the modem as well but remember that it will take a few minutes to become fully online. So, give it some time.

4. Use Bridge Mode

Bridge mode is one of the amazing features that you can try to enhance your internet speed and ensure consistent internet connection with multiple devices at once. The best thing about bridge mode is that it can be easily enabled from the eero beacon settings. Once the bridge mode is enabled, the internet connectivity and performance will be streamlined, and you won’t have to think about a slow beacon. So, open the settings and enable bridge mode.

5. Call ISP

The last solution that you can try is to call your internet service provider. This is because if the internet speed is slow, it’s highly likely that there is something off with the backend internet connection, and ISP will be able to troubleshoot the network to streamline the connectivity. However, if the ISP is unable to solve the problem, contact eero customer support!

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