Due To Network Difficulties Call Cannot Be Completed: 3 Fixes

due to network difficulties call cannot be completed
due to network difficulties call cannot be completed

The telephone has become an important part of our lives since its invention. This is because this amazing service makes it easy for people to contact each other. This is extremely easy to do and you can share anything with your friends, family, or colleagues. In recent years, mobile phones have made this even easier. Now you don’t even need to have a telephone connection at your house.

You can easily use a SIM card on your mobile to call your friends no matter where they are. The only requirement to use these services is to have a stable signal. While this is great, you might sometimes get a few problems while trying to make a call. One common one of these is due to network difficulties call cannot be completed. If you are getting this error then here is how you can fix it.

Due To Network Difficulties Call Cannot Be Completed

  1. Wrong Number

The error message usually indicates a number of things. These can vary depending on your situation but the first thing that you need to look out for is the contact’s phone number. Confirm if the number you are trying to dial is not wrong. If it is correct then another common problem that people get is the ISD code.

These are the starting digits of the contact. If you have saved the numbers that are stating with these digits then you should edit the contact and then delete these digits. Now try making a call to them and it should work without any problem.

  1. Crowded Signal

Another reason for getting this error message can be that the person you are trying to contact is in a region where the signals are too crowded. Alternatively, you might be in a place where the signals are jam-packed. Whatever the case might be, it is best that you wait for some time for the error to get fixed.

Similarly, the error can also be because the person you are trying to contact is already on a call. All of these issues can be resolved if you wait patiently. You can also try to leave the other person a text message. This should help them in understanding that you are trying to contact them.

  1. Contact Networks Customer Support

If the steps mentioned above do not fix your problem. Then it is recommended that you either visit a store of your network operator or contact them. This should allow you to tell them about the problem you are getting. Most companies should be able to help you out as soon as possible.

Although, it is important that you give them all the details and do not forget to leave out anything. This ensures that your problem will be identified correctly and get fixed accordingly. Aside from this, some network operators also have online chat rooms that you can join to get in contact with. These can be contacted if you are not in the mood for a call.

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