3 Common Dish Network Error Codes With Solutions

dish network error codes
dish network error codes

Having to watch television while you sit comfortably at your home can be amazing. This lets you stay relaxed when you get free from work. Alternatively, some people just enjoy watching movies and shows when they are bored. Though, to get a cable service at your home, the user is required to purchase a subscription.

DISH Network is a famous cable provider that provides people with this facility. They have numerous features that come with their service. Out of which one of the best is their error codes. These help the users in identifying problems so that they can be solved as soon as possible.

Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some error codes that can be found on the DISH Network along with their fixes.

Dish Network Error Codes

  1. DISH Receiver Error 002

The DISH Network error 002 indicates that the signal coming from your satellite has been lost. Usually, this happens due to two reasons. Either there is an interruption between your connection which might be preventing the devices from receiving the signals. Alternatively, the channel you are trying to watch currently is down from the backend. If the company is running a maintenance check or updating its services then the channels can be down for some time.

This is why you should wait for some time and change the channel for the time being. You can even check the status of different channels online. This should notify you if there is downtime or outage in your area. Finally, if the problem persists after some time then contact DISH directly. If they were not aware of the problem then it is better that you notify them so it can be fixed as soon as possible.

  1. DISH Receiver Error 003

Another common problem that users run into is the DISH Receiver error code 003 on your network. This means that there is an issue with your Multi-Dish switch. The main reason for getting this error is that there is something wrong with your cables. If the user has plugged in wires that are longer than 100 feet then that might be stopping the signals from being read. You can plug in smaller ones to fix your issue. On the other hand, you should also lookout for any loose connections.

Make sure that all of your cables are plugged in the right ports and none of the connectors are loose. In some cases, people use the wrong table for their setup. The company recommends that you use RG6 cables to connect your devices. If you were using some other type then take off your wire and purchase a new one. Make sure that you select a good quality wire and route it carefully. Bends in the cables can also damage them and will require you to replace them again.

  1. DISH Receiver Error 007

If you have purchased the device recently and have configured it completely. You might sometimes notice that the product gives you the error code 007 on your DISH network. This should be labeled as ‘Your purchase of this event is in the process of being authorized’. Usually, waiting for some time should allow you to start using your device again. Though, if that does not work out for you then there might be an issue with your configuration.

The most common reason why people get the error code is that they do not connect their receivers correctly. You should ensure that your device is connected directly to your phone line. This is essential before you can start using your service. Considering this, if you had not done this then simply connecting your receiver with the phone line should help in fixing your problem. The error can also be if you have installed the cables in the wrong ports so consult the manual provided by DISH to confirm this.

People who are still having problems with their devices, or if they are getting some other error code can try rebooting their device. If even that does not work then you can contact the customer support service. Notifying them about your problem in detail should help you in getting it fixed as soon as possible. Just make sure that you do not leave out any important details.

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