3 Fixes For DirecTV A Problem Has Been Detected In The Storage Device

directv a problem has been detected in the storage device
directv a problem has been detected in the storage device

DirecTV has gained extreme popularity in the past few years, and many people choose it for the wide range of streaming packages and the lower price point. Similarly, people go gaga over downloading their favorite content and storing it. However, there are various problems associated with storage, such as DirecTV – a problem has been detected in the storage device. Having said that, if you are seeing errors in the storage device, we are here to share some solutions that actually work.

DirecTV A Problem Has Been Detected In The Storage Device

1. Storage

First of all, DirecTV users need to understand that storage comes with a limit. In the majority of cases, people just subscribe to the cheapest streaming package and download every possible TV show and movie, which results in reaching the full storage capacity. For instance, DirecTV DVRs like HR34 has the capacity of recording over 100 series. Honestly, it sounds like a lot of storage, but when you are sharing the subscription with others, this storage can be filled up pretty quickly.

So, when the storage is filled, the said error will occur on your screen. The solution is as simple as checking the storage and clearing it up. This will help free up the device and account, promising better functionality, and the streaming will continue without any errors. In addition to fixing the error, deleting excessive shows and movies will help create faster processing. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to clean up the series manager and storage, you can follow the instructions below;

  • Use your remote control and use the list button. After that, press the left button and move to the “manage recordings” option
  • Choose select in the series manager, and a drop-down menu will appear
  • From the drop-down menu, you will be able to see the series that is scheduled for recording. Then, use the R button for deleting the series link
  • There will be a popup asking for confirmation, and you have to press the OK or enter button
  • As a result, the series download will be canceled, and your account will start working normally

2. Use An External Hard Drive

If you cannot delete the unwanted series and want to keep everything stored, you have no choice but to increase the storage capacity. For this purpose, you can connect an external hard drive to the DVR, and the overall storage capacity will increase. However, you will need to check if the DVR can support an external hard drive. It is obvious that you’ve to check the DVR model to determine if it can support the external drive or not, and that can be done by checking the front side of the receiver.

3. Call Customer Support

If you have tried both the solutions mentioned above, but there is still something wrong with the storage, you need to call customer support. This is because customer support will be able to provide assistance on the matter. Also, the customer support agent will be able to tell if this error means something else and respective solutions.

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