Kodi Waiting For External Storage: 4 Ways To Fix

kodi waiting for external storage
kodi waiting for external storage

Kodi is the best thing that you can get to supplement your multimedia experience across all the devices that you have. It is not only the best thing to access multiple online streaming services, but it can also replace your regular media player.

It has tons of additional perks as well, that include sharing the multimedia across your devices, no matter what platform you might be using, and a lot more. That is why people love to use Kodi for all their multimedia and streaming needs.

Moving forward, Kodi also supports all sorts of storage solutions such as your SD cards, USBs, External Hard Drives and more. As long as the storage medium is able to be connected on your device, Kodi can work with that pretty flawlessly.

However, if your Kodi is stuck at the error message “Waiting for External Storage”, that might be a problem and you need to get that fixed. A few things that you can possibly do in order to make it work are:

Kodi Waiting For External Storage

1) Wait for It

It usually takes a few seconds to load the storage medium for Kodi and you will not even feel it being scanned or connected. Yet, it might take some time more depending on the size of the storage medium and the file types it have.

You need to consider that as well, and if you are connecting some external storage medium that has more capacity like a TB or it might have that space occupied with different file types, then the Kodi will be taking more than a few seconds.

It also depends on the processing speed of your device that you are running Kodi on. So, wait for a few minutes and it should load. A few minutes will suffice and the Kodi will be loading up without causing much troubles for you.

2) Check External Storage

Yet, if the error message is stuck on the screen, and it is taking extraordinary time to load, then there might be some error and you need to take care of it. Firstly, you need to ensure that the external storage drive that you are trying to connect is in the right order and doesn’t have any sorts of malfunctions on it.

This will ensure for you to have a comfort at that part and then you can move forward to try out the troubleshooting steps for you.

To make sure that there are no problems with the external storage drive that you are trying to connect, you should be connecting it with some other device that is compatible with connecting the same external storage drive.

This way, you will be able to check if the external storage device is working fine and that it doesn’t have any sorts of malfunctions on it. If it doesn’t work, you should be changing the external storage device. However, if it works fine on the other device then you need to move forward with the troubleshooting on your Kodi.

3) Restart

If you feel like the Kodi might be stuck while scanning for the resources, and it can be caused due to some temporary bug, that is quite a possibility that you cannot simply rule out. In order to get that fixed, a simple restart will do the trick for you.

All you have to do is turn off the device properly that you are using with the Kodi and then turn it on again after a few minutes with the external storage device connected on it already. This will help you out perfectly with making it work and your Kodi will be able to access all the data on your external storage medium.

4) Reconnect

If nothing so far has worked for you and you are still stuck with the error message, then you should definitely try reconnecting the external storage drive on your device. It is pretty simple and you need to disconnect it, restart the device once and then connect it again.

This way, if there are some problems with the lose connectors or plugs, they will be fixed for sure and you will be able to make it work without having any problems at all. Make sure to clean the ports and connectors as well before you reconnect the device with your external storage.

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