Comcast Your Connection Is Not Private: How To Fix?

comcast your connection is not private
comcast your connection is not private

Comcast is undoubtedly one of the best services out there. Comcast servers are essentially secure and have all the protection that you need to keep your information private on the network. There are not many errors or issues that you might have to face with the connection. However, you might get the error on your Comcast network that says “Connection is not private”. This can be an alarming thing to have on your screen but there is nothing to be worried about as you just need to know a few things to understand the error in detail.

Comcast Your Connection Is Not Private: How To Fix?

You must know that the error is not caused due to any sort of interruption in the connection and this is not something that you needed to be alerted for. The error might mean that there is some sort of outdated software or hardware that you might be using and they are not compliant with the website or application you might be trying to access. This is the most common reason for this error message and here is how you can fix it up in no time at all.

Reset your network settings

The first thing that you will need to do if you are seeing any such error message on your screen is to reset your network settings. The configuration should be always at default and you should not have any applications on your device that unnecessarily request the access or permission to modify your network settings. These applications will cause you to have this error on your screen as they will configure the network settings and make some changes there that will not be supported by Comcast services.

Moving forward, VPN can also cause you to have the issue as not all VPNs are safe or follow the right safety standards. They might have the chances of intrusions to your PC, or the information you are transmitting over your internet channel. Taking care of these both will solve the problem for you and you will not be seeing that error again on your screen.

Some updates

If you are still seeing the error on your screen, you might be running some outdated settings.

Make sure that you start with the virus definition and firewall settings on your device. That is pretty easy to do and you can update your antivirus version or the firewall database to make it work. Also, check for any unauthorized device on your network and that will solve the issue for you.

The next thing that you might need to update to solve this error is your router firmware. Router firmware essentially controls all the traffic going through your network and if you have an outdated router firmware, this can cause you to have the error message.

If the problem still persists after trying all of the steps above, you might need to update your router itself. Old routers don’t have the optimal protection that you require. Contact Comcast support and they will be able to provide you the perfect solution for a new router.

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