X1 Platform Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

x1 platform not working
x1 platform not working

Xfinity has their own fair share of the errors but there is nothing to be worried about as most of them are pretty easy to fix even at home without going through much hassle. So, you just need to know what you are doing and you will be able to fix such issues on your own and that will save you lots of time and you wouldn’t have to deal with the inconvenience for a long time waiting on support department.

X1 Platform Not Working

One such error that is found on the Xfinity Cable TV services is X1 Platform not working. This error will stop any broadcast and you will be stuck with a blank screen without any streaming. Here is how you can fix this issue in a few easy steps.

1) Restart your TV Box

The error message is triggered with some error on your TV Box. Now, there is nothing to be worried about as this error can be fixed up pretty easily. All you will need to do is pull out the power chord on your Cable TV box. Once you do, let it sit there for a while like 15-30 seconds, and plug it back in. Once you do, the TV box will restart and the error will be gone in most of the cases.

2) Reset the TV Box

You might also need to reset the TV Box if it is not working optimally and you are getting the X1 Platform not working error on your screen. There is optimally a reset button on the TV box that you need to press and hold for a few seconds. You need to keep it pressed for 10-15 seconds until your screen goes blank. Once your screen goes blank, leave the button and let your TV box reset. It can take a few minutes for your TV box to reset and then it will restart. Let it restart on its own and then you can start using your TV broadcast service again.

3) Check for the Cables

Now, there is another factor that you need to take care of. The error can be triggered if there is some issue with your cables and connections. If your TV box is not able to connect with the server perfectly, it will trigger the error on your screen. Make sure that your cables are not damaged or bent at some point. This will optimally solve the problem for you.

You can also try to take off your connector and finger tight it again since it uses the coaxial cable. This will eliminate the issue perfectly for you and you will not be seeing the error again.

4) Contact Support

If the issue persists, you will need to contact support. The troubleshooting steps are the best you can try at your place, but you will need the expert’s assistance if you are not able to make it work. So, contact support and they will be able to diagnose the problem for you and provide you with the perfect solution.

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