Comcast: Phone Number Not Showing Up On TV (4 Fixes)

comcast phone number not showing up on tv
comcast phone number not showing up on tv

Comcast is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the whole world. On top of manufacturing amazing products, they also provide their users with some of the best services. These are to ensure that the consumers are at ease all the time. One of these features is the Caller ID feature.

This feature makes it possible for a user to see the number of the person calling you before you can answer the phone. This protects the user’s privacy and enables you to decide whether you want to pick the call or not. While using this feature, some Comcast users have come across the problem of ‘phone number not showing up on TV’. In case you also run into this problem, here is how you can fix it.

Comcast: Phone Number Not Showing Up On TV

  1. Restart Device

The Caller ID unit you are currently using might have run into some technical issue. One easy fix for this is to restart your device. For this, completely unplug your device from the power outlet and then power it off. After this, wait for a few minutes and then power it back on and this should resolve your issue.

  1. Check Load On Phone Line

Sometimes, there might be a lot of load on the power line you are using with your Caller ID unit. For instance, there may be a lot of devices connected to it which are using the connection. These can include security systems, modems, phones, faxes, and even Xfinity TV.

If this is the case for you then try to remove some of the devices if not all from your power line. After removing the devices, restart your unit for it to work without any problem.

  1. Change Settings

Usually, all of the devices produced by Comcast are set up to show 10 digits from the caller ID info. Although, there is a setting to show 7 digits only. You might have switched your device to this setting or maybe someone else might have changed it. This causes the device to not show the phone number when the digits are more than 7.

However, this can easily be fixed by switching the settings back to show 10 digits. You can change it from the settings. But if you do not understand how to then check the box of your device to find the manual. After this, follow the instructions given to change back your device so that it displays 10 digits.

  1. Customer Support

In some cases, the option to show Caller ID on the TV can be switched off from the backend. This can be an error from the billing side or you might have recently used a new device which caused the option to get switched off. To get the feature back on, you will need to contact the customer support team. Afterward, tell them about the problem you are facing without leaving out anything. They will then turn this feature back on from their side.

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  1. My tv no longer shows phone calls. I would like this back again, please. Also I can no longer get voice mails and unwanted calls on my I Pad using xfinity app. Sad that you charge more but take away features I enjoyed.

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