Is it Possible To Enable Comcast Arris TG862 Bridge Mode?

comcast arris tg862 bridge mode
comcast arris tg862 bridge mode

Comcast is not only exceptionally good with all their services and you get to enjoy better speed, signal strength and affordability on it, but there is also a lot more that is going to help you out in making sure that you have an overall seamless experience with them.

Comcast helps you with all the different sorts of hardware as well that will allow you to ensure that there are no such problems with the communication or speed at all. You get all the routers, TV boxes and other hardware that is not only highly durable and efficient, but it is certainly future enriched as well to get you the right edge of these services.

Arris TG862 is one such router that you get from Comcast and it is pretty great for all the different applications you might have in mind for it. If you are wondering about the bridge mode on your Arris TG862 router, here are a few things that you will need to be careful about.

Is it Possible To Enable Comcast Arris TG862 Bridge Mode?

The first thing that you would like to know is if it is possible for you to enable the bridge mode on your Arris TG862 router and use it as a secondary router to repeat the signals and that can be done. A bridge mode basically allows you to use two routers, and the secondary router is used for repeating the Wi-Fi signals from the first router.

This way, you can have coverage for a lot more geographical area. A bridge mode can also be used to share the internet connection over the LAN and there is not much that you will have to worry about on it.

It is possible on the certain models of Arris TG862 routers, that are directly sourced from the Comcast. However, the bridge mode is not included on certain units that are leased or purchased from Shaw Communications.

How to achieve this?

It is not that simple to enable the bridge mode and to use it perfectly since there are multiple complications involved with it. However, it is not that difficult either and you don’t have to worry much while trying to enable the bridge mode on your Arris TG862 router. All you will need to do is make sure that you have the model that has bridge mode enabled on it.

After that, you will need to connect the router with your PC or Laptop using the LAN cable and enter the address in the address bar. After that, there is not much that you will have to do and just navigate to the basic setup.

You will have to go to LAN settings there and after that, enter the IP Address for the other router that you want to use with the bridge mode after you have enabled the NAT mode on the router. You will have to select bridged there under the drop-down menu and then click the Apply button. This will restart your router once and bridge mode will be enabled on it.

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