Canon MX490 Won’t Connect To WiFi: 7 Ways To Fix

canon mx490 won't connect to wifi
canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi

The printers have become an essential part of the work desk. This is because people need to print down the documents, and it needs the right printer. So, if you are using Canon printer and struggling with Canon MX490 won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue, you have come t the right place. This is because we are sharing the troubleshooting methods, so you can fix the connectivity issues!

Canon MX490 Won’t Connect To WiFi

1) Cable Connection

When Wi-Fi is not connecting with the Canon printer, why don’t you use the cable connection? The cable connections will ensure that there is no Wi-Fi signal interference that’s causing the connectivity issues. If the printer works with a cable connection, there is something wrong with the Wi-Fi connection. In that case, you have to move to the next step.

2) Weak Signals

When the Canon printer is having a hard time connecting to Wi-Fi, there are chances of weak signals in the Wi-Fi network. This is because the printer needs strong Wi-Fi signals to work properly. For this purpose, just reboot the internet router because it can refresh the internet signals and will increase the chances of strong Wi-Fi signals.

For rebooting the internet router, plug out the router from the power connection and wait for a few minutes. After this time, you can connect to the router to the power connection, try connecting the printer to a Wi-Fi connection again. As a result, there are chances that the printer will keep a steady and stable connection to Wi-Fi.

3) Change The Position

Generally, the printer has a hard time connecting to the Wi-Fi network when the router and printer are placed too far away from each other. In that case, you need to change the location of the printer and make sure they are placed closer to each other. This is because when the router and printer are placed closer to each other, it will lead to a better wireless connection.

In addition to this, you need to ensure that the printer or router is not placed closer to wireless devices. These wireless devices include microwave ovens and refrigerators because their signals can disrupt the Wi-Fi connection. Also, it will fix the connection drops.

4) Printer Queue

If the Canon printer is still not connecting to Wi-Fi, there are chances that the print jobs might be in the line. This is because the large-sized document will take a longer time in downloading and processing the printing action. So, please consider if the printer is working on a large-sized document rather than having a Wi-Fi connection.

5) Reboot

When we talk about the reboot, you have to reboot the printer as well as the Wi-Fi router. For rebooting the printer, you need to unplug the printer device from the power source and wait for one minute before you plug it into the power source again. In the majority of cases, rebooting the printer should fix the minor connectivity issues with the printer.

6) Firmware

Canon regularly rolls out the updates for their printers with which why they address the issues and bugs, inclusive of connectivity issues. So, sign up on the Canon website and look for the firmware update. If you can find the firmware update on the website for a specific Canon printer model, download and install it on the system. Once the firmware update is downloaded for the printer, reboot the printer, and it’s likely to fix the connectivity issues.

In addition to the printer firmware, you have to check for the router firmware as well. You can look for the router firmware just like you looked for printer firmware. To illustrate, open the router website and check for the firmware update of your specific router model. Downloading and installing the router firmware will help resolve the connectivity issues. However, once the firmware updates are downloaded and installed, you have to reboot the devices.

7) Reset

Truth be told, this is the nuclear option because you should only try this if other solutions fail. This is because resetting the printer will clear the settings, such as Wi-Fi connection information. The reset instructions of the printer vary with every model and brand. For this purpose, we suggest that you check the printer manual and look for the reset options.

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