Can I Move My AT&T Modem To Another Room?

can i move my at&t modem to another room
can i move my at&t modem to another room

Moving and settling your router/modem to get the most out of the internet connection is fairly essential. People making efforts for it is rightly justified. Although, many of the AT&T users look around to get their queries answered regarding how they can improve their network coverage by changing the position of their AT&T modems or routers. Physically and technically, yes it is possible to move your router or modem from one room to another. Let’s first tell you about AT&T and its services.

What Is AT&T?

AT&T is a popular American multinational conglomerate company. This company has headquarters at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. AT&T company is qualified and committed to keeping you connected 24/7 with their top-tier facilities.

With AT&T, you have 24/7 customer support. Moreover, you can manage your account online at their website. The ways to exploration with AT&T are endless. The services that AT&T offer include AT&T Wireless data plans, internet services, AT&T phones, AT&T TV devices, and whatnot.

AT&T offers sheer flexibility with its network usage which involves your control over the placement and moving of modem from room to room.

Rooms Are The Best Places To Move Your Router/Modem:

Many internet broadband users have witnessed that placing your modem into the room where you regularly need the best internet connection is indeed the best place for it to place. How? Because it reaches each corner of the room and thus the whole house perfectly.

Maximum Wi-Fi coverage is equivalent to extensive speed. however, if you want your modem kept in another room as per your needs. You still can do it.

The Most Frequent Query By AT&T Users!

Most of the users frequently ask inquires that if their AT&T router/ modem can be moved from one place to another. Generally, AT&T technicians come to your house for installing your AT&T modem. They normally do not re-wire every jack in your home to have your connection hooked up to the network. Thus, you are expected to try it out on your own if you can get your connection hooked up and extend it to another room.

Moving Your AT&T Modem Is Not Recommended: 

However, no technician and AT&T user would recommend you move your modem. Why? Moving a whole lot of connections can cause extreme issues instead of helping out. Although, if you are confident that the network services hardly reach your room of choice. Then, you can by all means change the position of your modem from one room to another.

You are strongly recommended to contact AT&T and inquire about moving your AT&T router or modem with the help of a technician to another room if you do not know much about wiring.

Although, it is not too hard to move the modem on your own. The following details would 10/10 help you to properly move your modem from one room to another. All you would need to do is to follow the description promptly and BINGO!

Can I Move My AT&T Modem To Another Room?

It is fairly possible to move your AT&T modem from one place to another. Although, it is not possible just move your gateway in another room plug it into the nearest phone socket. Why? Those sockets are meant to be for the actual phones.

Thus, the original connection which at first was plugged into your AT&T broadband port in your gateway’s back is an RJ11 (a telephone plug). That cable leads to a wall connection which can look a lot similar to a telephone connection. However, mostly it resembles a larger RJ45 Ethernet plug.

Though it leads to the AT&T U-Verse street connection. The U-verse street connection is the one where the street wirings are entering your house. This is the reason that your ATT tech told you that your modem is set for the one outlet only.

Thus, in order to move your modem to another room, you would either need to string a lengthier cable from the existing wall socket that the gateway has been connected with. Apart from that, you can always make use of AT&T rewiring which is done from the outside connection to close the room where you want to move your AT&T modem. If AT&T does that, they will charge you for it.

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