Samsung DVR Failed To Find Router: 5 Ways To Fix

samsung dvr failed to find router
samsung dvr failed to find router

It might be a surprise to a lot of people but Samsung does have DVRs available. DVRs are responsible for recording the shows and movies from TVs. It’s pretty evident that Samsung DVRs work with the internet but the users complain about Samsung DVR failed to find router. For this reason, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods with you!

Samsung DVR Failed To Find Router

1) Power Interruptions

The first reason behind DVR connection failure can be caused by power interruptions. Of course, Samsung DVR and router need proper power connection to work properly. So, if there are any issues with the power connection, it can result in failed internet connectivity. The first point is to check the power socket because it might be giving fluctuating power signals (power voltage fluctuations).

You might have to use the tester for checking the power socket. If there are issues with the power socket, you might have to use a different power socket. On the other hand, if the power socket is fine, you have to check the power cables. The power cables can have internal as well as external damages, so replace the power cables. Lastly, make sure the power cables are connected firmly.

2) Router Changes

Internet connection issues can result in connectivity issues. Generally, it happens when you make some changes to the router. So, if you have recently changed the settings on your internet settings, we suggest that you revert back to the old settings. If changing the settings is too complicated for you, it is better to reset the router (the router can be reset by pressing the red reset button on the router).

3) Internet Service Provider

In addition to making changes to the router, there are chances that your internet service provider made changes to the internet connections or network as a whole. So, if you haven’t changed anything with your router and the Samsung DVR still won’t find the router, ask your internet service provider about the recent networking changes. If they have made some changes, they will also tell you the new way to connect the DVR and router.

4) Hardware Issues

So, if the internet service provider hasn’t made any changes to the network, you have to consider the hardware issues. For the most part, the issues in router hardware cause visibility issues. So, it is better to talk to your router’s manufacturer and see if they can help with this. In case they suspect the hardware issues, you can send the router to them for repair. In addition, you can call any private technician for this purpose.

5) Static IP

This might be a little too technical but if you are using Samsung DVR, you have to use a static IP configuration. The IP settings of the internet connection can be changed from the router settings. Some people also use the computer’s network settings (from the control panel). Moreover, when you update the IP configuration settings, you have to reboot the router as well as Samsung DVR. So, try these solutions and see if you are able to fix the connection failure!

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