Does AT&T Ship Via UPS Or FedEx? (Answered)

does at&t ship ups or fedex
does at&t ship ups or fedex

Does AT&T Ship UPS Or FedEx?

There was a time when transferring goods and products would take months, but the trends have changed significantly over these years. In the same vein, AT&T is offering the shipping services for UPS and FedEx. The company is offering express shipping that may take one to three business days. The users can select the items shipping without additional costs.

The users have the liberty to upgrade the items for express shipping. In contrast, the standard shipping will take three to five days without paying additional costs. If you’ve been looking for phone shipping, AT&T provides phone shipping from China, such as Zhengzhou, and will be delivered to AT&T warehouse.

The shipping is held there until the new order is placed. As far as FedEx is concerned, it is no secret that AT&T provides shipping from them as well. So, if FedEx is responsible for delivering the phone from AT&T, there is no need for additional signatures. This is because these phones are locked by AT&T, which means they cannot be used or unlocked by other network carrier users

Many people are concerned if AT&T will use FedEx or UPS to ship their iPhones. The call center representatives hardly provide legitimate answers because all they do is tell you that you will be able to track the parcels through the tracking number. AT&T has been using FedEx, UPS, and USPS to ensure fast and robust delivery for the phones. If the iPhone is being delivered directly by Apple, they are highly to send the parcel through FedEx.

The Hot Package Scam

Be it FedEx or UPS; both companies are struggling with the package scams because there is a new wrinkle because there were wrongly ordered electronics that were being delivered to the criminals, instead of real shipping address (retailer’s address!). It is advised to the customers that they keep their credit card numbers private, and if there is even the smallest suspicious activity, call the bank right away!

UPS Service

UPS is usually named as the common carrier, famous for the ground packaging business. It is needless to say that UPS has expertise in offering the domestic delivery service. Their service is designed to operate six days a week, where Sunday is the non-operational day. According to stats, UPS is responsible for delivering 21.9 million documents and packages on a daily basis and 5.5 billion packages annually.

They have designed the retail outlets as well to ensure that company is providing streamlined packaging and shipping services. In addition, they offer the copying and printing service to ensure they are captivating multiple consumer populations and delivering the business offerings. UPS is majorly designed over the franchises with the small and independent settings.

UPS basically serves the small businesses and retail customers to ensure they are catering to the small package deliveries, in addition to postal and shipping services. The company is working on e-commerce development as well. However, the company is under the constant pressure of outlining the best delivery time for the products and parcels.

They have understood the need for streamlined logistics to ensure there is an optimal retail success. With this notion, UPS works on providing effective shipping even with a heavier load to create final connections with the customer base. However, the company handles everything through the well-integrated yet a single network. With these networks, the company has managed to outline the competitive edge for themselves.


FedEx is responsible for handling over 15 million shipments on a daily basis since they have a connection in more than 220 countries. FedEx primarily focuses on the time-sensitive express delivery service. FedEx uses huge spaces to offer a corporate outlook. Their retail stores are designed to offer laser printers, digital photo kiosks, and desktop access.

In addition, retail stores provide access to Adobe software and image scanners. As for the online services, FedEx offers local and regional shipping services, without compromising on the long-haul and express shipping. However, FedEx is in a higher need for redesigning and aligning their business models because they need to outline the express benefits. However, FedEx provides different strategies for different businesses and shipping, inclusive of freight, express, and ground operations.

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