ASUS ZenWiFi Gives Green Light? (4 Things To Do)

asus zenwifi green light
asus zenwifi green light

LED lights on routers and modems are a great way to understand your device’s connection status. You can easily diagnose a router problem by looking at the respective LEDs. Having said that, the ASUS ZenWiFi also includes interactive LEDs, which serve an important role as a router hardware feature.

A large number of users have recently encountered the ASUS ZenWiFi green light issue and have inquired about the causes and solutions to this hardware problem. As a result, in this article, we will go over some steps to resolve the green light problem with your ASUS router.

Fixing ASUS ZenWiFi Green Light:

  1. Blinking Green Light:

When your ASUS router is booting up, you will notice a blinking green light or a solid green light. Though this is a user-proposed explanation for the green light because the ASUS user’s manual and mobile app do not list the green LED light code, it is by far the most appropriate explanation for the green light on your router. If the green light remains on, it indicates a problem with the router’s booting, more specifically a boot loop that the router fails to exit. As a result, you must inspect specific areas to resolve this issue.

  1. Disconnect The Router From The Power Source:

If your router is in a boot loop, it will be difficult to exit on its own. As a result, you must disconnect the router from the power source to terminate the loop and leave the router in a dormant state for at least one minute. To connect, use direct wall sockets rather than power strips or power extensions. This is because sudden voltage changes can evoke hardware malfunctions one of them is the constant green blinking light. When you have completely disconnected the router let it rest for a few, minutes, and then connect to the power source. Check the LED light’s status and see if the green light has gone away.

  1. Configure Your Network:

If the green light does not go out after rebooting, it may be an indication that you need to configure your network. Configuring the network includes adding custom settings to improve your internet experience and, most importantly, the router’s security. Therefore, If you haven’t already done so, you should think about configuring your network credentials. This also improves network security and gives you more control over your network.

  1. Contact ASUS Support;

It isn’t much you can do to troubleshoot the green light because it’s unusual for an ASUS router to behave this way. However, you can contact ASUS customer service and explain your problem. It could be a hardware issue that needs to be resolved or an issue that is beyond your technical knowledge. As a result, the professionals can walk you through the problem’s resolution. You can email them or contact them directly through their website.

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