Unblock Internet Access On Asus Router

asus router unblock internet access
asus router unblock internet access

Asus is one of the best brands for people who want access to promising and reliable internet devices. This is because the brand has designed an exceptional range of routers available that promise a consistent and reliable internet connection. Their routers also allow the users to block the internet access for specific people from the settings, which is why we are talking about the Asus router unblock internet access if you want to make sure everyone has access to the internet!

Asus Router Unblock Internet Access

If you had recently blocked the internet access for a user, there are high chances that you want them to have access to the internet again. In that case, we are sharing how to unlock the internet access;

  • First of all, you need to open the GUI of the router from the computer
  • Open the AiProtection tab from the tab
  • Tap on the parental controls
  • Scroll down to a schedule, and you will be able to see the list of blocked devices
  • Click on the device that you want to unblock, and it will show the unblock option
  • Click on the unblock button, and the internet connection will be reverted

Internet Not Working Despite Unblocked Internet Access

In case you have already unblocked the internet access for the users, but the internet is still not working, we are sharing various troubleshooting steps to help you out.

1. Cables

When it comes down to fixing the internet access, you need to check the Asus router and make sure it is connected with the RJ-45 cable, as it’s essential for optimizing the internet connection. On the other hand, if you haven’t connected the cable, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Connect the AC adapter of the Asus router to the DC port and make sure it’s connected to the power supply
  • Use the RJ-45 cable for connecting the computer and LAN port
  • You need to use another cable for connecting to the WAN port of the router and modem
  • Then, connect the AC adapter of the modem to the DC port and connect it to the power connection

It will ensure that the internet is now working. At this point, we want to add that the cable must be properly working, and there shouldn’t be any damage. In addition, check the pins and ensure they are working and aren’t damaged.

2. LED Indicators

The LED indicators are another thing that you need to check. First of all, the power indicator light should be switched on, and the Wi-Fi LED indicator must be flashing as it indicates the router is working optimally. Secondly, there will be two network cables that should be connected to the LAN and WAN port, and their LED lights must be turned on as well.

On the other hand, if any of these LED indicators aren’t working, you should call customer support Asus. Asus has very reliable customer support, so it’s best to narrate the issue to them. Customer support will share the troubleshooting guide with you.

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