AmpliFi MeshPoint HD Review (Feature Highlights)

amplifi meshpoint hd review
amplifi meshpoint hd review

AmpliFi HD is the recent addition to the ever-increasing list of mesh-based wireless routers. The unit has been integrated with the Wi-Fi repeaters that allow the users to spread the internet network to extend the network coverage in the house. These routers have become extremely popular as they are easier to set up and promise effective networking. It ensures that all the devices in your space are connected to a stable internet connection. So, when it comes down to this device, we have the review for you!

AmpliFi MeshPoint HD Review:

  1. Price

When it comes down to AmpliFi MeshPoint HD, it can be purchased in the form of a bundle and comes with the base station as well as two wireless mesh points to extend the Wi-Fi coverage. The price is set at $311.99, and you can purchase the parts from the official AmpliFi website – if you purchase the parts separately, the router will cost $133.99, which is an easier price range for people. In addition, the mesh points can be purchased for $108.

In case you have a small home, you can purchase the router station and one mesh point to achieve a cost-effective network connection. As compared to Netgear Orbi and Google Wi-Fi, this one is more affordable even with the full price.

  1. Design

The market is constantly extending when it comes down to mesh points, and AmpliFi MeshPoint HD is one of the most stylish units out there. It has a minimal design and advanced features. The box is integrated with multiple tabs and folded parts. The main router is designed in the form of a white cube which is sized to fit in your hand. There is a round LCD display on the front side, and there are ports on the backside.

There are multiple ports designed in this unit, including an Ethernet port to connect the modem for a wired connection as well as four gigabit Ethernet connections. In addition to this, there is a USB port that can be used to share the storage devices and printers on the network. Moreover, it’s integrated with the power port with a USB-C configuration to make sure it connects to the power outlet. The best thing about this unit is that it looks amazing and improves the wireless strength.

When you connect the unit to the power source, the LCD screen will light up, and the white light starts glowing on the bottom side of the unit. In addition, there are white oblongs that plug into the power outlet – the main body is connected to the power through a magnetic wall, and you can change the router body’s angle to enhance the wireless coverage. In addition, there are magnetic joints in the unit which help ensure easier movement of the antenna.

However, if the antennas were smaller, the unit would look much better. All in all, it has an impressive design, and if you don’t mind the cube shape, it will be perfect for your space!

  1. Performance

When you plug this unit, the LCD screen will light up, and you will be able to download the app for setup and configuration (the app is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices). In addition, the touch screen can be used for selecting the settings. The app eases the setup process, and there is an animated video that will help you connect the router.

The app will automatically look for the AmpliFi router, and the configuration can be completed as well. The app is well-designed, which makes it easier to complete the setup and configuration processes. When the setup is complete, it will be able to reach the third floor of the building without compromising on signal strength. In the same room, the download speed is around 74.6Mbps, while the speed drops to 74.1Mbps on the first floor. However, the lowest speed produced by this unit is around 68.3Mbps.

Truth be told, this performance is great for this compact unit that doesn’t have an external antenna. In addition, you won’t have to invest in the signal boosters. Still, if you want to connect the signal boosters, you can connect them to the power socket and let it boot. The only downside is that the design could be better, but there are no compromises on internet speed or coverage, so it’s a win-win!

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