Amazon Fire TV Keeps Losing Connection: 4 Fixes

amazon fire tv keeps losing connection
amazon fire tv keeps losing connection

FireTV is a promising choice for people who want easier access to Amazon content but Amazon FireTV keeps losing connection is a serious issue. For the most part, this issue incurs because of Wi-Fi connection issues or signal reception. However, there are various other reasons behind the connection loss and we are sharing all possible solutions with you!

Amazon Fire TV Keeps Losing Connection

1) Default Settings Of Router

The router is an essential part of connecting FireTV with the internet and changing the default settings of the router can fix the connection loss issue. To begin with, you must enable the dual-band settings on the router, so you can follow the instructions to enable dual-band settings as we have mentioned below;

  • The first step is to log into the router by entering your router’s default gateway and adding the login credentials
  • When you have access to the router or account, open the wireless settings
  • From the settings, choose the Wi-Fi band settings as 5GHz, and don’t forget to disable the 802.11n client option
  • Save the settings and connect FireTV to the internet again

2) Ethernet Adapter

If you keep facing a constant issue about connection loss, there are chances that the wireless connection is poor, so you can switch to the ethernet adapter. For instance, if you are using FireTV in a room and the router is placed in another room or outside, it can slow down the wireless signals. However, when you use an ethernet adapter, FireTV will be connected with the wired connection and the connection will be faster as compared to a wireless connection. Keep in mind that the ethernet port is missing in FireTV, so you must invest in the ethernet adapter to create a wired connection.

3) HDMI Extender

In addition to using the ethernet adapter, you can opt for the HDMI extender. The HDMI extender actually comes with the FireTV package, so you have to use it. So, when you connect the HDMI extender with FireTV, the connection will be optimized. On the contrary, if you are already using the extender, it might be broken, so replace it and the connectivity will be improved.

4) System Updates

The system updates are regularly when you are using the Amazon FireTV. So, when you witness a loss in internet connection, it might be because you didn’t download the system updates or install them. These system updates are designed to fix the glitches and bugs, so they can also fix the internet connection. To see if the system updates are available for FireTV, follow the instructions below;

  • Open the home screen and choose settings
  • Secondly, choose the “My FireTV” option and tap on the “about” section
  • Scroll down to the network tab and tap on “check for updates”
  • If the updates are available, they will appear on the screen and you can simply install them by pressing on the “install system update” option

When the system updates are installed on FireTV, the TV will reboot. When the TV switches on again, FireTV will be updated to the latest system software and the internet connectivity will be perfect.

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