Zoom Modem Lights Meaning (Easy Guide)

zoom modem lights meaning
zoom modem lights meaning

When it comes down to modems, they are perfect for connecting the LAN network with the internet and are one of the best solutions for establishing a high-speed internet connection. Having said that, Zoom modems are one of the best in the market, but people aren’t aware of the meaning of their modem lights, which is why we are sharing full details on the topic!

Zoom Modem Lights Meaning

1. WPS

The WPS light is green in color, and it shows if the modem has been connected to the client device. This light has different statuses, such as;

  • Blinking – it means that the WPS is currently in the discovery mode and will stop after two minutes
  • On – it means that WPS configuration is now established
  • Off – if this light is off, it means that the wireless client is not associated with your modem, particularly through WPS


WLAN is meant to show if the data is flowing or not. In simpler words, it shares if the internet is working or not. For the most, it has a green color, and the on WLAN means that the wireless connection is enabled. On the other hand, if the WLAN is switched off, it indicates that your Wi-Fi connection is disabled.

3. LINK 1-4 Ethernet LAN Ports

This is another light on Zoom modems, and it’s either amber or green in color. The green light means that the modem is connected to the highest LAN speed out there, which is usually 1Gbps. On the other hand, if the light is amber, the modem is connected to 100Mbps or 10Mbps internet connection. Lastly, if the light is switched off, it means that the modem wasn’t able to detect the Ethernet connection.

4. Online

The online light turns green, and it blinks when the cable interface of the modem is trying to acquire the configuration, IP address, and time. On the contrary, when the online light is switched on, it means that the modem is turned on, while the off light means offline cable modem.

5. DS Sync

The DS sync light shares information about the downstream channels, and it tends to be blue or green, depending on the connectivity status. The blinking DS sync light means that the modem is scanning for the downstream channels. On the contrary, if this light is green, the modem is synced to one channel, while the blue light means the modem’s connectivity with more than one downstream channel.

6. US Sync

This light indicates the modem’s connectivity with upstream channels. For instance, if the US light is blinking, it means it’s under the ranging process. On the other hand, the green US light means it’s connected to one upstream channel, while blue means the modem is operating on more than one upstream channel. However, if the light is totally turned off, the upstream channel is simply inactive.

7. DS & US

For the most part, this connective light is blue in color, and when it operates, it simply means that the model in undergoing maintenance. Once the maintenance is complete, this light goes off, and the other ones start working!

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