4 Possible Ways To Fix Xfinity RDK-03005

xfinity rdk-03005
xfinity rdk-03005


The online cable entertainment horizon has widened enough due to the company’s big names providing people with the digital cable service; among them, the Xfinity TV of Comcast is phenomenal. It provides you with an infinite level of drama, movies, and document contents that one would find very impressive. However, it is notable that Xfinity TV box users find their selves in hot water when an error like Xfinity RDK-03005 comes into their screen. And shows message unable to connect Xfinity TV.

It would be of the best result if you did not have to panic in this case because error occurring is a common thing in devices and online services. To make the Xfinity RDK-03005 error correct, this article will bring you to the most workable solutions. These tips will fulfill your problems to be resolved.

Xfinity RDK-03005

1. Is that a fault of the internet?

Yes, it is possible that there is no fault at your Xfinity TV box, and it is due to internet connectivity. Assuming it a promising, you should check your router first if it shows no internet connectivity, then reboot your router. Eventually, your internet got back in line, and your TV device will connect to the Xfinity entertainment server.

2. Does Rebooting the Xfinity Device End Xfinity RDK-03005?

Rebooting your Xfinity device will help you get rid of the impending break in front of your entertainment world. You can reboot your device with multiple methods, such as using your remote control and power button. First thing first, take your remote control, press the menu button, select Xfinity TV settings, and then select the reboot option; your TV box will start rebooting. The second way to reboot your Xfinity TV is the power button on the device. Press the power button; your TV will get turned off and then open it all over.

3. Is Xfinity RDK-03005 appears due to cable issue?

It is a probability that your Xfinity TV device fails to connect with the server or TV due to cable loosening. To make it correct, take all the cables out Xfinity cable box and wait for a while. Then plug it properly that no cable is loose or not coaxed. It would be great if your problem gets resolved through plugging and unplugging.

4. Should I call the customer support center?

Suppose any of the hacks, as mentioned above, do not go well with your Xfinity TV. Communicate the issue with the customer support center. Their representative will provide you systematic guidelines through which you will be able to enjoy your TV. They will send you a technician at your address. He will inspect the Xfinity cable box and make it function in your presence. And the last resort they will offer you is device replacement. Just accept the offer of a device swap.


Xfinity RDK-03005 is not a big issue that won’t be solved. The need is to adopt the procedure given above correctly. The message unable to connect Xfinity TV will be at nowhere. And your entertainment will get back to your home and office where you have your quality time with complete relaxation.

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