Xfinity in-home Only Workaround (6 Solutions)

xfinity in home only workaround
xfinity in home only workaround

Xfinity is one of the best possible entertainment and telecommunications services for most home consumers. For domestic consumers, they are offering a complete package with peace of mind that you don’t have to manage multiple subscriptions for each of the services you are getting such as Cable TV, internet, telephone, and even your cellular phones. The best part is that they are providing all these services at most reasonable rates, making them one of the most popular and widely used services across the US for domestic consumers.

To add value to their services and provide their customers with an optimal package, Xfinity is offering several streaming services embedded with your plan that you can enjoy without having to pay anything extra for it.

These streaming services come as a part of your plan that you can enjoy on your laptops, mobiles, or even on your smart TVs. This is really a great initiative by Xfinity that allows you to have a complete infotainment package for your home. These subscriptions are directly linked with your Xfinity account and needless to say that you lose these services when you cancel or pause your Xfinity account.

Xfinity in-home Only Error Workaround

You might face an error saying, you can access these services in your home only. This is a way to protect your privacy as you get these subscriptions to some of the most popular streaming services, but these services can only be accessed on your home network.

Xfinity has some authentication on the services with your home IP address and you will not be able to use these services if you are not logging in from your home network. To understand when this error is triggered and how you can work around it to enjoy those streaming services without any disruptions, here are some solutions that can help you.

If you are in your home

If you are sitting at your home, and you see this error. This means that there is some mistake and you need to fix it. You can take the following steps to fix such issues.

1. Check if you are connected to your home network

If you have multiple connections, you might be connected to some other internet connection or there are chances that your device can be connected with some other close Wi-Fi network. You need to ensure that the device you want to use for streaming is connected with your home Xfinity network to ensure optimal streaming experience.

2. Restart the router

There are also some chances that you are connected with the Xfinity network but your streaming login portal shows “out of home” error. All you need to do is restart your router and connect your device such as laptop, PC, or Smart TV to the network again and it should start working in no time.

3. Check home network settings

The home network settings can also be messed up due to any typo or any other reason that might be causing you to get the error. You need to log in to your Xfinity panel and make sure that all the settings such as MAC address and IP address along with the login credentials are entered correctly in the portal.

4. If you are away from your home

If you are away from your home and you want to enjoy those streaming services that you love, there are few options for you. But you cannot change the subscription or use some other accounts as you might have saved some content on your account that you want to access. There are two options for you that you can use to stream those services while you are not on your home network such as:

5. Use a browser

While you might not be able to login Netflix or any other streaming subscription with Xfinity directly if you are not on your home network, you can use the login portal for Xfinity on a browser and enjoy the favorite streaming service. This might not show you some channels, but you can access the downloaded content and your account easily.

6. Use a mobile device

Any mobile device such as tablets or smartphones can access these portals, no matter what internet connection they are on. All you have to do is log in on a mobile device and enjoy your favorite streaming services.

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