Why Is My Smart TV So Slow? 5 Ways To Fix

why is my smart tv so slow
why is my smart tv so slow

Smart TVs are everyone’s favorite for their advanced features and there are streaming apps available on the majority of them. Some of these smart TVs are designed with subscriptions, so you can access the desired TV channels and live TV. Still, various people complain about “why is my Smart TV so slow?” So, to help you out, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods!

Why Is My Smart TV So Slow?

1) Processors

Smart TVs are designed with the processors just like other smart appliances. However, the dated Smart TVs had bad processors that weren’t designed properly and didn’t align with the needs. This is primarily because Smart TVs were new and even engineers couldn’t understand what to do.

That being said, if you’ve an old Smart TV, it can be the reason why the TV is so slow. If you can handle changing the processors, go for it and the TV will work faster. However, if you cannot change the processor, you have no other choice but to upgrade the TV.

2) Internet Speed

When we talk about Smart TV, they have to be connected to the internet connection to work properly. So, if the internet connection is sluggish or the internet signals are slow, the Smart TV will be slow. For fixing this issue, you have to obviously improve the internet speed.

The majority of people don’t understand but Smart TVs require high-speed internet connection. That being said, if you have an internet package that delivers slow internet, you must upgrade the internet package with higher speed. On the contrary, if you already have a high-speed internet connection, just reboot the network because it can improve the internet connection speed.

3) Update

Smart TVs are designed with the software to operate properly and deliver smart features. However, if the Smart TV is slow, there are chances that the software update is available but you haven’t installed it on your TV. So, you must check for the software update and download it on your Smart TV to streamline the functionality and performance. In addition, the updated software is highly likely to fix the slow speed issue.

4) Support Issues

If you are only struggling with slow Smart TV when using the streaming platforms, it might be because there is no support available for those streaming apps anymore. This is because the streaming app owners tend to withdraw the support for outdated Smart TV models. That being said, you won’t be able to use those unsupported streaming apps without speed issues. The only solution is to upgrade to the TV model that’s supported by the latest apps or call the owners of those apps to provide support.

5) Age

Yes, we are talking about the age of the Smart TV. This is because the old Smart TVs are highly likely to work slowly even if you keep updating the firmware. For the most part, it happens because of poor design and wears and tears. So, if the TV is old and is running slow, you cannot do anything about it (you can change the Smart TV, by the way).

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