Honeywell Smart Home Security Slow Internet: 10 Fixes

honeywell smart home security slow internet
honeywell smart home security slow internet

With the ever-increasing crime rate and intrusions, people are looking for security systems that keep a check on the surroundings. This is why people are using Honeywell Smart Home Security that comes with different devices that develop smart security systems. Similarly, people tend to complain about Honeywell Smart Home Security slow internet issue, but we have the troubleshooting methods in this article!

Honeywell Smart Home Security Slow Internet

1) Network Connection During Setup

The users need to ensure that the mobile phone and Honeywell Smart Home Security are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is because all these devices are synced and must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you cannot check the connectivity, you need to switch on the airplane mode, turn on the Wi-Fi feature and the devices will connect to one network available.

2) Home Network

When you are using the Honeywell Smart Home Security devices, users need to ensure that the devices are connected to the internet as a home network. That’s because connections such as business networks or guest networks will adversely influence the connectivity. That being said, ensure that your devices are connected to Wi-Fi as a home network and a slow internet issue will be resolved.

3) Power Cycle

First of all, you need to try solving the slow internet issue by power cycling the Honeywell Smart Home Security devices. For this purpose, you need to switch off the devices for at least thirty seconds. It will resolve the slow internet issue, but if it doesn’t, you can opt for the hard reset. The hard reset can be ensured by pressing the reset button for around thirty seconds. As a result, the connectivity issue will be resolved.

4) Reboot

Truth be told, the wireless router has a huge role to play. If you still have a slow internet issue, we suggest that you reboot the wireless router. For rebooting, you will need to switch off the internet router for around thirty seconds and switch it on. As a result, the internet signals will be optimized and the slow internet issue will be fixed.

5) Mobile App

If you are the Honeywell Smart Home Security user, you would know that it comes with the app for better control and monitoring. However, if the app is dated and cannot monitor the products aptly, it will show slow internet issues. In that case, you need to check for the app updates and download the updated app version.

In addition to the mobile app updates, you need to ensure that the mobile devices have an updated operating system. This is because such issues can lead to connectivity issues. That being said, just download all the updates available and the internet will be streamlined.

6) Wi-Fi Channel

The Wi-Fi channels play an essential role in optimizing the internet connection. In case you are using the wireless routers with Honeywell Smart Home Security devices, you need to ensure a suitable Wi-Fi channel. In the case of dual-band routers, the device will connect to whichever band is available. However, these security devices work better with a 2.4GHz channel.

7) DHCP Settings

To ensure a proper internet connection with the Honeywell security devices, the users must have correct router settings. We suggest that you set the DHCP settings rather than the static network for optimal internet connection. For fixing these settings, you can consult the router support. However, if you don’t know, you can contact the internet service provider for better assistance.

8) Security Protocols

People usually don’t believe it but the security protocols can directly influence the internet connection. With Honeywell Smart Home Security, you can opt for the security protocols, such as WEP PSK, OPEN, WPA TKIP PSK, WPA2 MIXED PSK, and WPA2 AES PSK. There must be no other security protocols because they can interfere with the connection.

9) Limit

When the wireless router has limits regarding the number of connected devices, it can slow down the internet on your Honeywell Smart Home Security. We suggest that you consult your internet service provider and they will switch off the limits.

10) Voltage

In case the Honeywell Smart Home Security devices have ineffective voltage settings, it can result in slow internet connections. With this being said, for ensuring proper connection, the voltage readings must be between 20 VAC and 30 VAC. If there are voltage issues, call the electrician and get the issues fixed.

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