What Is HT160? How to enable/Disable?

what is ht160
what is ht160

NETGEAR routers are not only great to set your eyes on, as they are aesthetically great and there are no second thoughts about that for sure, but they are certainly high performance and there are hardly any routers out there that you can compete with the NETGEAR equipment for sure.

They are also pretty high performance and you get to enjoy the best hardware on these routers that ensure faster speeds, better coverage and stronger connectivity across all the devices that you might be looking to connect through your NETGEAR router for all those extensive applications such as gaming.

These routers are also known as gaming routers as they provide the best possible speed and bandwidth for you.

Not only the hardware on NETGEAR routers is exceptional, but software is no less and you get to enjoy a future enriched firmware that allows you to have an overwhelming experience. HT160 is one such option on the NETGEAR firmware that you need to know about and here are a few things about it.

What Is HT160?

HT160 is the option that users can find on their latest routers from NETGEAR under the MU-MIMO menu. For those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, MU-MIMO is basically an abbreviation for Multi-User, multiple-input, multiple-output.

The technology as the name suggests enable multiple channels of communication on your NETGEAR routers so if you have multiple users or a number of devices connected to your router, you can use them all without facing any problems and with the best possible speed as well simultaneously.

It is undoubtedly the best thing that one can get on their NETGEAR routers, but there is a lot more to it as well. Under the MU-NIMO menu, you also get to enjoy multiple other options such as HT160 that is a setting that allows your 11ac Wi-Fi performance to be enhanced considerably and you can enjoy a pretty stable and faster experience with it overall.


This is certainly a great feature to have and you don’t need to worry about much while getting it on your NETGEAR Router. However, one thing that you particularly need to be careful about is the compatibility and you need to ensure that the client devices that you are trying to connect with the Wi-Fi router with HT160 enabled on it are compatible with 11ac Wi-Fi and they can support such high speeds and the frequency wavelength as well.

This is pretty simple and you can read all about it on the OEM website for your device manufacturer and that will give you a clear idea on how you will need to proceed forward with it.

How to enable/Disable?

You need to have the MU-MIMO settings enabled in order to access the HT160 option as if the settings are disabled, HT160 will be disabled automatically on it. So, under the MU-MIMO menu in settings of your router, you will find the option to enable/disable the HT160 according to your preference and you can save the settings afterwards.

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