How To Activate WAN Blocking For Ubee Network?

wan blocking ubee
wan blocking ubee

Ubee Interactive is one of the best mobile carriers located in Taiwan, which has not only the best mobile phone services, but they are also offering some top-notch internet service for all sorts of users. This allows you access to something that you can rely on. Ubee interactive is based out of Taiwan, and if you are wondering how to enable WAN Blocking on it. Here are a few things that you need to know.

Understand WAN Blocking

First of all, you will need to understand what is WAN Blocking and everything that is included with it. It is pretty simple and you are not going to face many problems with that. WAN Blocking feature request allows you to prevent other internet users that are using the same ISP from detecting your home network. It is like you are going to be connected on the same WAN and the same network.

Yet, your home network will be isolated from the rest of the users so that they cannot detect the traffic that you have on your network. This is the best thing that you can do in order to secure the data and information that you might be having on your internet connection.

How To Activate WAN Blocking For Ubee Network?

The process is pretty simple and there are not many bells and whistles that are attached on enabling the WAN Blocking. You will have to make sure that you are setting it the right way. Just open the network preferences and you will find a button to enable/disable WAN blocking for your Ubee network. This will ensure that the hackers are staying away from your network and the data and so that you can protect the privacy of your network.


If you wish that someone on the internet or your WAN being connected to your PC, or the Home network you are at, they cannot do it while the WAN Blocking is enabled. This will save your PC and the network from any sorts of DDoS attacks and you can ensure that you have your network protected from any sort of external intrusions that you might be getting.

However, you will have to share your IP Address with anyone who you want to connect with over the WAN or some other network. Even for the apps that require pinging or things like that, you will have to grant them permissions to access and use your IP Address in order to get it working in the right manner.

Fine Print

Fine Print for this is that you will not have to worry about much. It comes as a basic thing for Ubee subscriptions so there are no charges on it either that you will have to bear if you intend on saving some bucks on your network and still having the best security. There might be some issues that can occur due to this and some of the apps might not be working properly. If you can afford to lose that edge on some of the apps, it might be the perfect thing to secure your network.

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