2 Ways To Fix Verizon Getting Duplicate Text Messages

verizon getting duplicate text messages
verizon getting duplicate text messages

When you use Verizon, you are sure that you are using it with minimum possible issues. But, sometimes there are also some issues with the best. For the past few months, there are reports that Verizon customers are getting duplicate text messages. It is a severe issue and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If you want to get rid of this issue, then be with us till the end.

Verizon Getting Duplicate Text Messages

Are Verizon Duplicate Messages Issue Real?

There are many customers of Verizon who have reported such issues while using Verizon or any other messaging app while being on Verizon. In this world, which is full of scams and other such things, receiving duplicate messages can be threatening, and if not resolved, it may cause you harm.

So, this is something that we cannot compromise, and for the ease of our customers, we have brought some of the best solutions that will help you to get out of this situation. Below are written some of the best possible ways to resolve the issue mentioned above.

1. Visit Your Mobile Settings

If you are receiving duplicate messages, check if it is happening with all the contacts or selected ones. If it is with some selected contacts, then it may be their issue. If it is with all of your contacts, then without delaying a second, enter your phone settings.

Once you have entered the settings, tap on the More option, and then click on the App manager. After it, click on the All apps (Apps). Now you need to locate your messaging app and then tap on it. Afterward, you are required to force stop the app and then delete all of the cache, threads, and clear all of the data. Now switch off your phone for some minutes and then turn it on. You may also update your app after restarting the phone. You will come to know that all of your issues are now resolved.

2. Call Or Visit Verizon Customer Care

If you are receiving duplicate messages all the time, then it is something that you are going to dislike. If the issue is continuous and with all of your contact, then the first thing you need to do either call your Verizon customer care or visit it in person. It will help you to resolve your issues instantly. Moreover, you will know that was the issue with your phone, or it was something else.


Duplicate messages are never something good to experience. So, to feel comfortable, we have mentioned two of the best solutions to overcome this issue. The article will enrich you with such knowledge that will allow you to use your phone with ease and without any duplicate messages. If the issue is still there, you may reboot your phone by pressing the power and volume button together.

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